Some people assume that gambling is a man's pleasure but as surprising as it may seem, recent studies have revealed that women are more inclined to win when playing at online casinos. Keep on reading to learn the reasons why.

Women better than men

Women better than men

here are some that reveal the truth: 

  • Women won 19.79% of the time when they bet on sports, while men lost 4.6% of the time. 
  • Women aged 25–34 won 127% of the time, while men on average lost 8.74%. 
  • At online casinos, women had a loss percentage of 24.07%, while men had a loss percentage of 47%.
  • The best players in online casino games were young women between the ages of 18 and 24.
  • When playing poker online, women lost 38% of the time, whereas men lost 41.69% of the time. 
  • The age group of 55 to 64 years old female poker players lost the least money overall.

Time Constraints

Betting on sports or spinning the reels of an online pokie are both hobbies that can be completed in a reasonable amount of time and do not need significant time commitments. Women frequently have a lot on their plates and are unable to spend hours playing video games or gambling.

Players have the opportunity to discover amusement anywhere, anytime with the use of mobile versions of online casino sites. The ability to log on and off is much more convenient for women  than playing video games.

No Harassment

The games played in online casinos are played individually, without the aid of a group. This is a common practice in gaming and one of the reasons women don't play esports.

On the contrary, online casino games are designed for individuals to gamble on their own. The majority of table games and slot machines are played by one player at a time.

Even in table games that permit many players to compete against each other at the same table, such as live casino games, the chat is monitored, and players are not permitted to harass either the dealers or the other players in any way

Mental Challenge

Bets placed on sporting events and games played at online casinos can be a difficult task that calls for a certain level of knowledge and analysis, particularly when it comes to games like online roulette or poker. Games that are mentally challenging are frequently enjoyed by women. 

Obviously, online pokies take no effort or research, but they have become a popular pastime for ladies seeking a getaway from their hectic lives. Playing video slots online is a great way to unwind and de-stress. 

Bonus Offers

Women are natural when it comes to finding the perfect promotional offers or coupons when signing up. Since women have a greater tendency to conduct some research before using an online casino, they always strive to find the best promo offers when signing up.

Bankroll Control

It is common knowledge that when it comes to gambling money, women are typically more responsible than males. Women are generally less risk-averse and more inclined to keep to their budgets.

The possibility to play at online casinos affords women the opportunity to exercise fiscal responsibility. They can play low-cost slot machines or even establish deposit limitations at online casinos to stay within their budget. The operators of casinos usually understand this concern and respect the players' desire to maintain financial discipline.

Research-Based Options

These kinds of items are typically read by women more frequently than they are by males. Women can learn where to find the best bonuses and games at the top online casinos catering to Australians. 

A player might give himself an advantage at the games by taking a little time to search for online casino games with higher RTP or higher maximum payouts. Research shows that before playing, women are more likely to do their homework.

Emotional Management

In our society, we are led to believe that women are more reactive and emotional when compared to men. This might be the reality, but women can still have some control over their emotions and evaluate the situation with a logical mindset.

This happens a lot in online poker, where players can easily lose their cool. Men are more inclined to hold on to their annoyance and anger for a longer period of time, but women are able to move through their feelings and continue playing.