Xbox executive Shannon Loftis hates having to break promises to gamers.

Xbox X console

Xbox X console

The technology expert - who heads up first-party production at Xbox - has discussed the culture of secrecy in the gaming world, admitting it's a fine line between keeping fans in the loop about exciting developments and then promising them things that subsequently aren't delivered.

Loftis explained: "Games are a highly experimental medium. And it's a line that we have to walk between talking to gamers about the games we would like to make and knowing that we are going to be able to deliver them.

"The worst part of my job is when I have to break promises. Obviously we had 'Crackdown 3' planned for a November 7 launch and we had to announce a few months ago that we had to move it."

She said that because the gaming community is so passionate about new launches and developments, the firm is reluctant to get their hopes up too soon.

Speaking to, Loftis shared: "I am very conscious of the fact that that hurt people. Folks were very excited and they got very disappointed and it's not something I like to do."