When it comes to home gaming, players want more and want it better than before.

Microsoft Xbox One X

Microsoft Xbox One X

They want better graphics, better sound, more games and more features.

That appetite can now be satisfied by the most powerful console to ever be released - Microsoft's Xbox One X.

To get under the bonnet, so to speak, the Xbox One X boasts an impressive 2.3 GHz processor, 6 teraflop GPU, and 12GB high-speed GDDR5 memory - a whopping 9GB is dedicated purely to gaming, whilst the other 3GB is for the system itself - putting clear water between itself and its closest competitor, Sony's 2016 PlayStation 4 Pro model.

At 11.8 inches long, 9.4 inches wide, and 2.4 inches high, the Xbox One X also manages to pack all its power into a console which is efficiently compact in comparison to the PS4 Pro, which is around 15 per cent bigger.

For avid Xbox fans who rushed out to by the One S last year, you need not worry about having to fiddle tirelessly with cables to hook up your new console, as Microsoft have made all the ports the same, so swapping consoles is as easy as taking pulling the cables from the back of the One S, and plugging them into the One X.

Also updated for the One X is the often criticised dashboard, which users bemoaned was sluggish and had long-standing issues on the traditional Xbox One. With the One X, the UI has had a complete overhaul, and now runs smoother than ever for quick and easy access.

So now the specifications are out of the way, what does this actually mean for the gaming experience?

There are a lack of 4K rendered games available on launch, but the remastered 2016 shooter 'Gears of War 4' and racing game 'Forza 7' really do show off the graphical improvements the One X can deliver.

Racing title 'Forza 7' simply looks stunning on the One X, the vehicles are pin-sharp and as you speed around the track everything looks breathtaking.

And on 'Gears of War 4', well you will have never shot and killed such realistic looking alien enemies.

Microsoft have lined up a staggering 100 existing and upcoming games which they plan to enhance to make the most out of the One X's 4K resolution capabilities, so the future will be bright and in HD.

Microsoft's older titles such as 'Halo 3', 'Fallout 3', and 'Oblivion' have also received the enhancing treatment, and although the classic games don't support the same beautiful experience that the newer titles do, players are still able to see a dramatic increase in loading times and overall performance, with smoother frame rates and cleaner textures.

When it comes to games created outside of Microsoft, the brand new titles such as 'Assassin's Creed Origins' and 'Middle-earth: Shadow of War' show a huge improvement when played on the One X, with loading times and performance greatly increased when compared to the PS4 Pro.

The mixed bag, however, comes with games like 'World of Tanks', 'Disneyland Adventures', and 'Super Lucky's Tale', which don't make full use of the console's capabilities and only offer minor visual enhancements and frame rate improvements when compared to the cheaper One S model. But there is no doubting there are all fun titles, and remember not every gaming experience needs to be cinematic in scope.

The Xbox One X can also run 4K streaming video from services like Netflix and Amazon Prime and can run Ultra HD Blu-rays with Dolby Atmos audio support, which for film fans and binge watchers is a major plus and also something that isn't available to PS4 Pro users.

The incredible picture quality is fully showcased on the Blu-Ray for 'Planet Earth II', it truly brings the colour and character of the animals to life in your home.

As always the question is should I go and splash out £450 on an Xbox One X?

The answer, simply, is yes if you want to experience the best home gaming available on a console.

The graphics - due to the games being made to run in true 4K - are simply breath-taking, especially when you see the improvements the machine makes to older titles which were made with no knowledge of the Xbox One X's existence.

It is true that although it can run on an 1080p TV, you will be nowhere near unlocking the console's true potential so a genuine 4K television is a necessity.

The potential for the games it can run is limitless and in 2018 we will get to see just exactly what Microsoft's big beast can really do.

By Philip Hamilton (with additional reporting by Zahna Eklund)