Zack Snyder would love to direct a movie version of 'Fortnite'.

Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder

The 'Rebel Moon' filmmaker - who is known for his work on the likes of 'Justice League', the 2004 'Dawn of the Dead' remake and 'Watchman' - has been open about his love of the game, and he's keen to bring it to the big screen.

Asked if he'd be interested in the adaptation, he told Etalk: "Of course. I really wanted to make some 'Fortnite' skins for the movie ['Rebel Moon'], first of all, just like as the most obviously basic involvement.

"But yeah, look, 'Fortnite' is an amazing world, and it is an amazing distraction for me.

"But it's really cool, and the alchemy that they've created there is really unique. When I started playing it, I thought I knew what it was, and then it was something entirely different."

He refused to rule out the possibility of hopping behind the camera for the potential project.

He teased: "You definitely don't know. You definitely can never say never, that's my mantra in this business."

Earlier this year, Snyder revealed he initially got into playing the game thanks to his son, who decided he wasn't a fan which left the 57-year-old star playing it alone.

He recalled: "My son and I got into 'Fortnite'. I kind of wanted to play it with him and then he didn't like it, so then I ended up just playing it by myself.

"I went down a bad rabbit hole with 'Fortnite' in the sense that I took a pretty deep dive… I was Meeseeks from 'Rick and Morty.' "

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