If the pandemic has taught us something, it is to keep our bodies fit and respect the time that we have. Since the covid surge started, people have been very alert about their health and what better way to maintain good health than staying fit. Well, most of us will feel lost when it comes to staying fit because we don't have enough people to take inspiration from. Most of the Instagram profiles that come into our explore page only set an unrealistic expectation of how our bodies should be. However, some influencers tell you about how you can really stay fit from within and hence stay up as a strong individual. To make you aware of such influencers, we bring to you this article, highlighting the 7 best Instagram models that will help you to be fit. We are also going to tell you how you can be as popular as them if you are a fitness influencer on Instagram but more on that later.

Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks

Since Instagram has a lot of people that can misguide you on your health, having realistic goals and idols to look up to are very important. We’re sure most of the people we mention here, you must have heard of, but if you haven’t, take our word for it as these are the best people in the industry. So without further ado, let us start with the fitness influencers on Instagram:-

1. Lauren Drain Kagen

Lauren Drain Kagen is a registered nurse who has shifted her profession to be a professional bodybuilder. Although in shape, Lauren decided to take her physique for a spin and ended up being a procession bodybuilder. If bodybuilding is something you’re interested in, you will love her page. Her journey has not been an easy one and lucky for us, she has documented it all on her Instagram. If you want to know what it takes to build a great physique and maintain it in the long run, Luren Drain Kagen is going to be an inspiration for you.

2. Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks is a popular Instagrammer in the world of fitness. Joe is primary;y is known for his action plans and his advice on diets. He is strictly against any methods of losing weight which include depriving bodies of nutrient sources, and hence has come up with multiple healthy recipes to have a balanced diet and good protein intake. He uploads regularly on his age and his content is fun to watch. Also, he uploads his client’s transformation pictures, which serves as motivation for all of us, and hence if you’re trying to get fit, then Joe Wicks is the influencer we recommend.

3. Emily Skye

Emily Skye is an inspiration for women who want to stay fit, post-pregnancy. She has been posting workout routines that are low intensity, for pregnant and post-pregnancy women and hence has become an expert in this niche. She has transformed the lives of many people through her Instagram, and if you relate with her content, she can transform yours as well. She does not believe in setting goals a bit too high, just for you to come down crashing, and hence is an inspiration for people who want to stay fit. This is the reason she is on the list, because she can help you achieve a decent physique and stay healthy.

4. Cassey Ho

Cassey had initially started her youtube channel where she used to upload videos of her doing active pilates and core building exercises. There she found some popularity and shifted to Instagram soon enough. Now she is a famous fitness influencer on Instagram and is an inspiration for a lot of people. She believes in keeping realistic goals instead of just blatantly thinking of getting her viewers a six-pack. Her workouts are fun to do and are effective as well.

5. James Haskill

James Haskell along with his wife Chloe Madeley has been able to build an empire in the fitness industry, he is a former sportsperson who got famous on Instagram for making fitness videos. He soon launched his own fitness company named James Haskill health and fitness and quickly became even more popular as he started acquiring clients. He believes that diet is the key to a good physique and promotes exactly that on his Instagram. Chloe on the other hand is also a trainer and they both give their clients healthy diets and great workouts to follow.

6. Louise Green

Louise Green is another popular fitness influencer on Instagram that breaks all norms of fitness. She is an inspiration for people who think that age and gender might be a barrier to becoming fit. She promotes body positivity on her account and is one of the few fitness influencers in the industry who understands what her viewers want. She is a great influencer to follow if you’re trying to get fit.

7. Peter mac

Last but not the least, Peter mac is one of the most popular fitness influencers on Instagram who has made simplicity his theme. This is why his viewers love him, as he shares healthy diet ideas, workouts that are easy to perform but are effective. He has his fitness brand named PMAC where he gives his clients a total rerun on their fitness. His methods are effective, simple, and easy to adapt to, which is why he is a must-follow fitness influencer on Instagram.

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