There are often times in your life where you decide to let go of the stick ruling your life and quit the habit for good. What is troubling for many ex-smokers is finding and sticking to a method of quitting that works for them, and with smoking looking to be the cause of more than 5 million deaths per year worldwide, it's no wonder the importance of quitting has been highlighted in such a red light. Everyone is different and it can depend entirely on your situation when it comes to finding your quitting weapon of choice! Some say that tackling the psychological side to a smoking addiction can be the first base to quitting for good. Making an honest list of the reasons why you enjoy the habit and why it affects your life negatively can be a huge eye opener, particularly if your health and family play a big part in it. You're welcome to make changes to the list over time; even opening up for feedback on it from your family if you're brave enough. Once positive outweighs negative, you're ready to look at quitting for good. Looking in the reasons why quitting will be difficult is also a good way to tackle your demons. Looking for the good in these reasons can offer you alternative ways of dealing with the anxiety you may get whilst trying to get over your habit. If, for example, one reason is "smoking helps me deal with stress," could be resolved with "take a 5 minute walk outside, instead."

Do you need extra help quitting?

Do you need extra help quitting?

By anticipating the challenges, and being aware of your solutions to them, it could up your chances of success.

Quitting the smoking habit can seem a lot easier when you're in a good mood too. When you're stressed or in a depressive mood, stopping a habit that leant a helping hand could feel like you're starting off on the wrong foot. If any of the above seems to be dwindling in your attempts to get rid of the cigarettes, monetary encouragement can be a great motivator. By putting the cash you will have spent on cigarettes in a jar, you're physically able to see the money pile up, and you could even earmark that money for an adventure or something you really wanted to buy yourself. There is also always the option of nicotine replacement items that could aid you in the quitting process. The infographic below by Phoenix eLiquid shows the different options you have, and the variety on offer to you if there is something you're not entirely fond of; with gums, e-cigarettes and nasal sprays as well as a wide range of information to ensure you're up to speed on quitting knowledge.

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