With summer and the holiday season in full swing, many are often left feeling worse for wear and fighting the effects of late night alcohol. Luckily, Real Health Wholefood's Consultant Nutritionist Libby Limon is on hand to offer her tips on combating your hangovers the natural way, to ensure you feel and look your festive best.

Drink water!

Drink water!

Excel with electrolytes! Drinking alcohol dehydrates you, which, amongst other things, leads to a decrease in your body's number of electrolytes, which are fundamental for the normal function of cells and organs. It's therefore important to replenish your electrolyte levels. Try plant-based foods, celery, cucumber and bananas which are naturally high in electrolytes. And keep drinking the water too!

Look after your liver. There are two phases your liver goes through when you drink alcohol. The first phase can actually make the toxins more reactive and damaging to cells. The second is when the body neutralises them with anti-oxidants ready for safe excretion. Give yourself a helping hand by taking Real Health Wholefood Immunity Vitamin, which is packed full of polyphenol anti-oxidants to help balance these phases and prevent damage occurring. The liver can also make its own anti-oxidants, a process which is supported by supplements like Milk Thistle extract or a food containing the amino acid cysteine, which can be found in dairy proteins. Try sheep or goats dairy products, as they are easier to digest!

Eat probiotic foods. Excess alcohol can cause an imbalance in our delicate gut flora, as well as damaging the gut lining where good bacteria lie. Effects can even persist for up to two weeks after. Increase your probiotic intake, from live yoghurts, kefir and raw sauerkraut as these good bacteria help to undo the damage you have done, and help get your body back to normal. If you're struggling to get a good daily dose, try adding a multi-strain probiotic such as Bio-Kult to your diet.

Naturally energise. The day after the night before often leaves you feeling tired due to poor sleep and overloading your detoxification pathways. A natural boost from the ground up is the best way to combat this, rather than over stimulating with more toxins such as caffeine. Real Health Wholefood Energy Vitamin helps to combat tiredness and fatigue, with its blend of Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6, derived from organic holy basil, guavas and lemons. B vitamins are the co-factors in turning your foods into energy, so without adequate levels of these vital vitamins, no matter what you eat you will feel lethargic! Other key ingredients of this revitalising blend include ginseng, green tea, guarana and bitter orange, all of which are well known for their holistic energising values.

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