Do these work?

Do these work?

It seems that throughout the year we’re bombarded with messages to encourage us to stop smoking. Grisly images on cigarette packets depict potentially lethal tumours of the throat and mouth, while much of the media descends into a frenzy of anti-smoking propaganda during ‘Stoptober’ – you know, the month that comes between September and November and used to be referred to as ‘October’? There’s even a day dedicated to those wishing to ditch the cigs – No Smoking Day will be taking place on March 11th this year.

Once upon a time, smoking was seen quite simply as a way of life in the UK. It may seem bizarre to those of us who are used to seeing huddles of smokers outside pubs and restaurants, but it wasn’t so long ago that smoking was permitted everywhere – even in schools and hospitals! The majority of people had very little understanding of the dangers posed by smoking, but even after the ‘Smoking and Health’ report was released in 1962 by the Royal College of Physicians, the public still had a rather blasé attitude towards it all – one smoker is even captured on film stating that “if I’m going to die, I might as well enjoy life as it is now.”

It took a long time for public opinion towards smoking to swing in the other direction – up to fifty years, in fact. Statistics from the BBC reveal that as many as 40% of women were smokers in 1962 – a figure that pales in comparison to the 70% of men who were reportedly lighting up.

In 2013, that figure was closer to 18% for both men and women – a staggering change that can be attributed not only to an increased awareness of the dangers of smoking, but also to the easy availability of tools and support designed to help smokers quit.

One such tool is the e-cigarette, a gadget that has experienced something of a boom in popularity over the last few years – so much so that ‘vape’, the word used to describe smoking an e-cigarette, was 2014’s word of the year according to the Oxford Dictionary.

While e-cigs have certainly grown in popularity and visibility over recent years, there are still many people out there who know little or nothing about them – and as such, have no idea whether or not they could be used as an aid in the fight to quit smoking. In order to educate the public on the difference between ‘cig-a-likes’ and APVs, Phoenix eLiquid have created the below guide.

Will you be attempting to ditch the cigarettes for No Smoking Day this year? What will be your chosen quitting aid? 

What Is The Right E-Cigarette For You? Provided by Phoenix Electronic Cigarettes

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