Serenity Box Co is the UK's first CBD subscription box company
Serenity Box Co is the UK's first CBD subscription box company

I’m a massive fan of everything CBD. I think the various products infused with cannabidiol are some of the best natural remedies to a lot of ailments, and with further research being done that backs up those claims that seem near-impossible to believe, it’s becoming more mainstream than anybody could have ever imagined.

With Autumn now upon us, the UK's leading CBD subscription box service, Serenity Box Co. got in touch, to see if we'd be interested in checking out what they do! They sent us one of their boxes to review; here's what we thought…

Our Christmas-themed box had a bunch of unique inclusions, with the PASO CBD milk chocolate bar obviously being the first thing I lunged for! The rich chocolate stood at 75mg and honestly, I couldn’t taste the difference between this CBD-infused bar when compared to another luxury regular chocolate brand. Definitely one of the tastiest CBD chocolate bars on the market.

There was also a stunning Goldleaf CBD journal, which encourages you to jot down your CBD intake so you can keep a note of everything you’re putting into your system, as well as any benefits you feel following your CBD usage.

As for the other products, there was a CBD Virtue Berry CBD Oil (150mg), CBD Queen CBD-Infused Body Oil (100mg), Poko CBD Luxury Facial Oil (300mg) and Ambience CBD Lip Balm (50mg). The lip balm was an instant favourite.

I’ve never really been one to put a lot of products on my face. My skin can be quite sensitive, but I found that each of these products - the lip balm and the facial oil in particular - worked really well with my skin. I saw no dramatic side effects and simply enjoyed the soothing goodness of each! My lips have never been softer.

The oil - that you drop into your mouth - was also the best-tasting I’ve had. In the past, I’ve given a lemon oil a try and whilst it was effective, I couldn’t wait to spit it out after leaving it to soak in for 30 seconds! There’s no painful endurance here, which is even better because you have to hold under your tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing!

It’s clear that those behind Serenity are passionate about their work, only including the very best of what’s available on the market to CBD lovers as part of their subscription boxes. I’ll definitely be looking to them in the future when it comes to picking out new additions for my CBD intake!

Serenity Box Co's Autumn/Winter Day Pro Box costs £84.99 for a range of five premium CBD products with a total value of over £125. The Autumn/Winter Edition Pro Night Box also costs £84.99, for five luxury CBD products worth more than £115.

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