Four in five (79.8%) Brits claim to be under pressure every day, and it’s impacting our overall health and wellbeing; lack of sleep, feeling run down and general health are the top three things to suffer when we feel stressed, according to Tetra, leaders in aquatics[1]. And for almost half of us (40%), it appears work is to blame.

Health on Female First

Health on Female First

What’s more, with one quarter (26%) of UK adults being diagnosed as clinically obese[2], there’s a need to move away from the nation’s favoured stress relievers of comfort food and treats which are usually combined with drinking alcohol, smoking and boxset binging when we’re feeling anxious and stressed1.

Thankfully, Tetra, the experts in aquatics, have shared their top tips for bringing calm to your work life for a stress free, healthier and more productive you.

1. Create a clean workspace - If you're feeling overloaded, tidying up your workspace can help, even if it’s just tackling one drawer or section of your office at a time. You’ll really notice the difference.

2. Build in time for the unexpected - When planning your work for the day, be sure to anticipate delays and build in time for feedback. By giving yourself 1-2 hours space in the day, you’ll reduce the chances of panicking about getting your work done.

3. Give yourself regular breaks – It sounds obvious, but we spend most of our day looking at screens with one hour turning into the next so really try and give yourself even just a few minutes break, several times a day. Whether it’s taking a quick walk around the block, listening to a podcast or even just looking out of the window, this will give you the opportunity to reset your mind ready to focus on the next task.

4. Introduce calming influences - keeping fish in the office can make a great solution, with many owners claiming to feel more creative, experience better sleep and improved mindfulness1. The size of your office doesn’t have to be an issue either, with smaller aquariums being the perfect alternative for those strapped for space. Why not try the Tetra Starter Line 30L aquarium which comes as a complete set with LED lighting, filter, food and care products making introducing fish to your office easier than ever!

5. Leave work, at work – It can be really difficult to switch off after a crazy day at work but it’s important you give yourself the time to switch off when you come home. Try lying on your bed or sitting on the sofa and focus on your breathing for 10-15 minutes. This will help you to switch off, allowing you to enjoy the rest of your evening.


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  • [2] NHS report on Obesity, Physical Activity and Diet 2018

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