Health on Female First

Health on Female First

A new survey commissioned by Hochanda, Home of Craft, Hobbies and Arts, has revealed young men and women are no longer just opting to watch TV, browse social media or go to the gym after a stressful day at work, and instead 52% of men and women aged between 18 and 34 are choosing to indulge in an hour of their favourite crafts.

The poll, which asked respondents to list their favourite craft, revealed that colouring (30%), painting (28%) and knitting (19%) are the top crafting activities. The results of the poll demonstrate that hobbies such as crafting are making a come-back with crafting no longer being a passion of just the older generation.

When asked what motivated them to take up crafting, 39% of those surveyed said that a stressful experience encouraged them in order to take their mind off things, keep them busy and channel their energy into something new. 37% said they took up crafting to help with mindfulness and 24% revealed they wanted to become more creative.

Of the respondents who don't yet have a passion for crafting, 47% said that they would consider taking up crafting as a new hobby as a way to help them unwind, and 26% said they would take up a craft if they saw something expensive in the shops that they wanted to make for themselves.

Paul Wright, Founder at Hochanda, Home of Craft, Hobbies and Arts commented "It's great to see young people turning to crafts as a way to help them unwind, and get creative. Everyone loved Blue Peter when they were growing up and this new trend is bringing those happy memories of evenings watching Katy Hill and Tim Vincent back. The benefits of crafting are endless; not only is it fun and therapeutic it can also really help boost productivity."

"At Hochanda we offer a huge range of craft, hobbies and arts and our live shows are suitable for a range of levels from beginners right through to the very experienced! I myself am incredibly passionate about wood-lathing and it's definitely the hobby that I channel all my energies into when I'm not at the office!"

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