Karen J. Gerrard, Founder of SEAMS Hand Cream
Karen J. Gerrard, Founder of SEAMS Hand Cream

Puzzled if your skin looks like it’s been exposed to the sun, when you haven’t actually left the house? Beware! It could be a blue light tan!

You know how the saying goes “we never see what’s right in front of our eyes,” well that also relates to the blue light which is a leading cause of skin damage from LED Lights, TVs computers, devices and phones. Sometimes when you take a selfie damage is induced; from pigmentation, redness to wrinkles!

Blue light is a High Visible Energy Light (HVEL) moving on such a fast wavelength that we cannot focus on it; it just gives a glare. Used to illuminate our homes it can cause as much damage to our skin as UVA and UVB rays combined.

Sunlight is the main source of HVEL; it’s what makes a cloudless sky look blue! We know to wear sunscreen whilst outside but just going about our daily lives indoors can cause premature ageing to the skin. Some dermatologists can determine which hand a person holds their phone in from looking at which side of the face is most damaged!

On the positive, stars such as Kate Hudson and Emma Stone have been known to use blue light-emitting masks to help reduce inflammation and zap acne! It can help memory, elevate moods and boost awareness, but using a computer late at night keeps us awake and fools the skin to think its daytime, limiting the skins natural regeneration process whilst sleeping.

Dr Hayder Ria, a skin specialist at Kenkala Clinic says: "although blue light is known as an effective therapy for problematic skin, it also penetrates through our skin’s barriers leading to DNA damage and the breakdown of collagen and elastin. Switching phones to night mode will reduce blue light emission and an absolute must Is to wear daily skincare protection even in the winter months."

Regular sunscreens will not block the blue rays out. Fortunately a number of beauty companies have products specifically containing antioxidants to help prevent DNA damage from electronic devices.

Hevl SPF50 Face Crème £19.95: developed by Skin Shop with a patented ingredient Liposhield protects skin against harmful HEVL Rays.

Medic8 Advanced day total protect £47: contains Theobram Cocoa Seed extract to protect from blue light and it smells divine.

Dr Sebagh Supreme Day Cream £145: contains a fractionated melanin compound to Restore, Hydrate and protect the skin from the effects of Photo Light.

Eucerin Sun Fluid Anti-age SPF30 £18: contains Licochalcone A, Glycyrrhetnic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid to help prevent photoaging and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Need a top up during the day? Try PRAI Hyaluronic Spray £29.99; with Blumilight to help defend your skin against blue light and re-inflate dry, slackened skin.

Soap and Gory Make Yourself Youthful Sunshield Superfluid SPF50 £15: offers UVA/UVB and HEVL protection.

So even if you are not stepping out of the house, be sure to protect your skin, then and go out there and shine in your own light!

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