A visit to a spa simply isn't complete without the serene, sleepy feeling you get as you peel yourself away from the massage table after an incredible massage. Whether you enjoy a soothing, gentle pressure or a knot-pushing, invigorating massage there is no better way than with a holistic treatment at the hands of an experienced spa therapist.

Create a spa space

Create a spa space

In the spirit of the occasion Natalie Hart, Spa Operations Manager at the multi award-winning Titanic Spa in Huddersfield which is popular with many discerning spa goers and celebrities, is offering a helping hand so you can get the most from your massage treatment and in between spa visits, enjoy a similar experience at home.

Get comfortable - A massage treatment room should ideally be around 25 degrees warm, have gentle, dim lighting and soft towels to pad out the massage table. There also should be enough room for the masseuse to move around the body comfortably.

Top Tip : Add a few large fluffy towels across the legs to add an even weight across the body and retain warmth. The pressure of the towels can be comforting, helping to relax the body and mind completely.

Take your time - Spa therapists are trained to know how long to spend on each area and in which order to start. Be sure not to go straight in at the shoulders, it is important that you warm up all the muscles in the back, before going deeper.

Top Tip : Time your massage to the duration of gentle music, so that you do not rush certain areas and warm up thoroughly. Music with gentle chimes can help you create a soothing rythmn.

Focus on an area of tension - Whilst a back massage can be satisfying and relaxing, sometimes other areas of the body are overlooked and can also carry excessive tension, for example the head, feet or hands.

Top Tip : For an invigorating head massage make sure that the neck is supported comfortably and for an effective foot massage it can be helpful to roll a folded towel beneath the calf or ankle to ensure that muscles are not tense.

Choose your oil well - With so many essential oils to choose from it can be overwhelming. Choose an oil that corresponds with the weather or season to rebalance the body and mind.

Top Tip : For summertime opt for an uplifting floral Jasmine scent, or a comforting Lavender essential oil. The comforting scent of Lavender will help to calm the mind as well as improve blood circulation, the perfect combination for a massage oil.

Create a spa space - By lighting some candles, piling together some soft cushions, blankets and warm towels you can create a relaxation space to enjoy after the massage treatment.

Top Tip: Burning Sandalwood incense can help to create a spa-like atmosphere. Breathe in deeply for a count of four then breathe out slowly, with pursed lips for eight, to really enjoy its calming, soothing effects.