These days it seems that we never have enough time, whether that be to complete work tasks, get the job done or simply to focus on ourselves. Stress is accepted as part of everyday life, but this year, in line with National Stress Awareness Month, Titanic Spa, wants us to think about introducing a little calm to our lives and reduce stress.

In 2015 stress accounted for 35% of all work related ill health cases and 43% of all working days lost due to ill health.

The UK's first eco-spa nestled deep within the Pennine Yorkshire is the perfect place to start making the steps towards combatting stress. Stress affects everyone and Natalie Hart, Spa Operations Manager, at the multi-award winning Titanic Spa, shares her top tips for controlling stress levels.

1. Be Kind To Your Body - Caring for your body means that you are less likely to feel overworked, exhausted and unhappy. Eating and drinking well will ensure that you have more energy, better concentration, and an improved mood, brightening your outlook for the day ahead of you. Top Tip: Aim to eat more than your 5 a day. The government's latest recommendations suggest topping up your vegetable intake to 5 portions a day, and fruit to two portions.

2. Learn When You Can Say No - We are all guilty of taking on too much at times but understanding when you can say no may help you time manage better. Doing less but doing it well can be just as satisfying and will give you the momentum and confidence to complete your next task more efficiently. Top tip: Keeping a diary can help to organise your thoughts and manage the days ahead with more ease.

3. Relax Muscles - When our mind is stressed our body follows suit, stiffening and tensing up, often without us noticing. Easing out this tension and realigning the body improves your posture and can help focus the mind better. Top tip: Slowly circle your ankles and shoulders, taking a few moments to breathe in and out deeply, opening up the chest.

4. Get Some Green Air - As long as you're wrapped up in the cold, sheltered by an umbrella from the rain, or enjoying the feeling of sun or the breeze on your skin, taking a walk where there are trees or countryside gives you an often well-needed change of environment and mood boost. Top tip: Take a walk and breathe in and out deeply. The breathing alone helps to calm mind and rebalance the body.

5. Indulge Yourself - If you cannot see past the problems and stress, do something for yourself to improve how you address any stressful issues later on. Making time for yourself means you are prioritising your health and wellbeing, decreasing stress levels. Top tip: Regular spa treatments will give you an hour or two to concentrate purely on your wellbeing, allowing you to relax fully.

Combat the stress in your life!

Combat the stress in your life!

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