Hair loss is not only a male problem. Approximately six million women in Britain alone are affected. Despite being a common problem, many suffer in silence. Hair loss can be destructive to a woman’s confidence. However, hair loss should not affect a woman’s confidence. Instead, with the right mindset and taking positive action, someone can actually gain control and empowerment over their lives leading to a greater understanding of one’s personal circumstances, allowing them to become a much more resilient and stronger person. Dr Camilo Diaz, an expert in dermatology and hair loss at the Birmingham Dermatology Clinic takes a closer look at some of these steps might help a person in their quest for enlightenment.

Seek professional health

The psychological impact of hair loss can be huge. While some can be fine with it, some can worry about hair loss that it affects their self-confidence. Esteem comes with being comfortable with and within your own body. Seeking to consult a hair loss professional is important. A diagnosis will determine whether your hair loss is hereditary or because of another problem. When you know the root of the problem, you can deal with it with confidence which has a resounding effect on empowering you generally.

Change your style

If you are suffering hair loss, what worked for you might not continue to work. Looking good helps in making us feel better about ourselves. Create and embrace a new style that will help in building your confidence. A change in style can bring a fresh approach and appeal fostering further resilience and empowerment in ones self.

Don't hide from family and friends

Some women don’t like to be seen in public when suffering hair loss. They cancel plans with friends and avoid family gatherings. When or if you lose your hair, meet your colleagues, family and friends as soon as you can. Most people are decent and worthy of your company and thus won’t treat you any differently. Realising this alone is a very empowering experience. When we are struggling with something our thoughts tend to automatically turn to the negative – especially where other people are concerned. Always in the midst of a struggle, you will get people who are supportive and will help you. Things get better with time and you can learn to handle anything thrown at you with ease.

Don't be camera shy

Loving how you look and feeling good about yourself is the foundation of self-confidence. If you are experiencing hair loss, you’ll need to get used to seeing yourself. Use your photos to build confidence and overcome any negative feeling you might have. Let the photos help you to become liberated about your own body and person.

Act confident

You might not feel confident, but act confident even when you are not. Focus on the parts that make you feel secure and strong. Present your best self with a smile. Look people you meet in the eye. When you act confident, you will begin to feel confident.

We live in an observant society. We are constantly worried about what people think of us. However, loosing hair and accepting this gives you a sense of fearlessness. A piece written in the Journal of Dermatological Treatment (2011, Volume 22, Issue 3) talks about “[the] psychological and sociological importance throughout the ages in framing the personality and general appearance of an individual” which inevitably focuses on some of the points this article discusses, showing just how important confidence and empowerment really is around the subject of hair loss.

Hair loss can appear to give you a raw image. Your raw image should always be about you. Use this so you can learn to adjust and find new ways of developing your own personal resilience.

Author Bio

Dr Camilo Diaz is the owner of Birmingham Dermatology Clinic, who is a leader in the field of dermatology and has received expert training in the area of hair loss.

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