You might have heard that this week 'Grey Fever' is sweeping across the country, meaning hayfever sufferers may notice a worsening of their symptoms.

How can you avoid it?

How can you avoid it?

Boots Pharmacist Angela Chalmers says, "Grey fever is caused when pollen mixes with high levels of pollution. Those high levels prompt many trees and plants to produce even more pollen than usual. This, combined with the fact the pollution acts as a barrier preventing pollen from being released into the upper atmosphere, results in hayfever sufferers noticing an impact on the severity of their symptoms. Here are some top tips to help you breathe easy."

  • To avoid inhaling fumes from the car in front when stuck in traffic, set your fan on re-circulate and keep all windows closed. Traffic jams create concentrated areas of pollution that raise pollen levels so are best avoided
  • Slip on the some wraparound sunglasses even if the sun is not at full strength. They will act as a great barrier between you and pollen and help avoid your eyes from becoming irritated
  • Be aware that pollen carries on such items as your clothes and your hair, and any pets may bring pollen into your home
  • People with asthma should take extra care as they may be more prone to the effects of 'Grey Fever', so should speak to their pharmacist to make sure they are using their medication in the right way

To help protect yourself against the high pollen count this week why not try the Boots Pharmaceuticals Allergy Barrier Nasal Spray (£8.99) which gets to work in just three minutes. Clinically proven, the spray works to deliver fast, effective protection against hayfever and other airborne allergens.

Angela comments, "Remember, there isn't a one size that fits all solution when treating hayfever - everyone experiences it differently so it is important to have a conversation with your pharmacist who can tell you the best treatment options for you and your family."