Homer Simpson is known for his love of doughnuts

Homer Simpson is known for his love of doughnuts

He may be one of the most loved characters on television but Homer Simpson is encouraging us to be fat – according to one weight loss expert.

Fat Families presenter Steve Miller claims the popular Simpson is sending out a dangerous message to fans that it’s fine to be fat and happy.

Homer is often seen gorging on pizza, pink sprinkle doughnuts and Duff beer throughout episodes of The Simpsons.

Now expert Steve has claimed the iconic character is a ticking time bomb who is normalising obesity by ignoring health risks and the negative effects that come with being fat.

He has written to Simpson’s creator Matt Groening calling for Homer to clean up his act and get fit because he is adored by so many.

Steve is concerned that although viewers don’t base their own lives on The Simpsons, Homer’s ignorance of the health risks of being obese could inspire his fans to share the same view.

He said while Homer’s image may be amusing there was noting remotely funny about type 2 diabetes and the many other health hazards that come with being obese.

Steve said: “Homer Simpson needs to put down the donuts and pick up an apple. He is one of the most iconic faces in the entire world and is loved by everyone and that’s why it’s a massive concern.

“I have written to Mr Groening to complain that Homer’s indulgent habits make it seem like being fat is okay.

“He eats and drinks whatever he wants and is always jolly but this shouldn’t be promoted to viewers because it’s not true. 

“Being fat isn’t good, there are many health risks and negative effectives attached to it. Homer skirts around these and is very blasé about his food and drink in-take which isn’t a message that should be sent out.

The Simpsons may only be a cartoon but it’s so popular with fans worldwide, who respect and trust the characters and in that sense it is very influential.”

Steve believes that if Homer were to change his lifestyle, fans of the show would follow suit. 

The weight loss expert runs an 80/20 regime for his clients to follow which involves eating healthily for 80% of the time and as they wish for 20%.

He added: “We are in the middle of an obesity epidemic and we need to stop obesity being normalised. In the same way that fat doctors, gym staff and teachers should be made to lose weight, it’s the same for cartoon characters. Anyone influential should be sending out the right message and advice.

“I think it’s about time Homer Simpson cleaned up his act for the sake of his millions of young fans across the globe.” 

Has Homer Simpson influenced your diet choices?

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