Professional coaches, Bec Howard and Dannie-Lu Carr, aka ' The Good Witches of the North ' have stirred up 5 practical 'spells' to help you get in the right frame of mind to battle the heat.

Do you need to cool down in the summer?

Do you need to cool down in the summer?

So it's hot, damn hot, officially it's a heat wave and it's been a few days now and we're getting fed up with the relentless heat! Our tempers are frayed, we're tired of being all hot and sticky and don't get us started about meetings and the commute as the world has not only sold out of fans but deodorant too. And despite all of this we still labour under the misconception that we should be as effective as we normally are when temperatures soar to levels that quite frankly feel like we're working in a sauna. Enough now.....we need to get a grip!

So here are a few spells to keep your mind cool. No need for fans, no need for shade just the need for a quiet space away from the madding crowd to cast your spells.

Spell 1 - Pack your holiday perspective

We all pay good money to pack and go on holiday to enjoy these temperatures and to rest and to have fun. So let's get some holiday perspective. Look up at the sky, notice the warmth of the sun, drink in the heat and enjoy it, then slow your pace down and walk as you would do on holiday. Feel the feeling of the sun on your skin and treat yourself to something you would do if you were on holiday, an ice cream, a cold beer, a siesta whatever it is for you. There are no rules to say we can't enjoy the sun till our holiday comes round, and if you have created a rule that says you can't then choose to uncreate it.

Spell 2 - Get a grip of your hot and bothered inner voice

This weather is great for our inner voice or our inner critic, as we get grotty with the heat, so does it and it can become a chant of relentless criticism, an inner terrorist. It says the kinds of things we wouldn't dare say to a friend and if a friend said them to us we would probably never speak to them again. So why oh why do we put up with this.... There is a simple spell or a knowing that can put our inner critic back in its box and get it to behave. And that is this......we choose what we think de facto, and when we hear our inner critic we have a choice to accept or to challenge it as we are in control of our thoughts and we are accountable for our inner voice.

Three step spell to train your inner voice

1 Simply saying that you've heard what it's said "I hear you"

2 Ask your inner voice if it has got anything constructive to say "Ok, smart arse do you have anything useful to add here"

3 If it hasn't tell it....." Ok, then you can do one "

You are in control not the other way round.

Spell 3 - Let go of the heat of the day

What you do before you go to bed has a significant impact on how your following day will be. One bad day leads to another and all that and it's usually worse when we're hot and bothered and lay awake at night tossing and turning in the heat unable to sleep ........So as you go to bed, let go of the heat and frustration of the day. Lie quietly on your bed and one by one think of those things that have bothered you, as you think of them imagine them then floating off out of your day and out of your sight. Then visualise the things that have gone well, no matter how small and as you re experience each one notice that you have a remote control in your hand which when you press the buttons makes the experience, brighter, bigger and so it feels the best it could be. This simple spell means you go to sleep full of positivity and with a mind that is calmed and ready to notice and create good things for you in the day ahead.

Spell 4 - Be cool and collected

The mind is a powerful tool and it can help you to cool down. Close your eyes and direct your attention to your back and visualise cool icy water running down your back. As you feel the feelings of the cool icy water, give yourself a soothing flow of suggestions of other feelings such as the feeling of cold steel when you touch it, the feel of snow and as you do this notice how your body starts to feel cooler, and as each part feels cooler encourage the coolness to travel round your body. If you need to cool down quickly just visualise a memory of a time when you were in a cold place, in the snow, skiing or just a freezing cold day hold the picture of your memory in your mind and remember how you felt, feel the coldness of the memory for a minute and notice how you start to cool down.

Spell 5 - Relax away your frustration.

We're stuck in the car, the bus or on the train and we're not moving.... Familiar? The world comes to a stop when it's hot and we all get frustrated that we can't get to where we want to when we want to. As the frustration builds with ourselves and the rest of the world around us use a quick and easy spell to take it all away.

In the car try the count backwards spell, count slowly up from 1 to 15 and then back down again. It's hard to freak out when you're trying to remember the number before 7.

If you're on a bus or a train, close your eyes and imagine that your head is resting on a pillow and as your head rests on the pillow, notice that it is a sponge and that it can soak up all your worries and frustrations, notice how the colour of the pillow changes as it soaks each frustration up and away from you.

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