Louise Redknapp and Actimel are reminding us all of the importance of a positive mental attitude. Even when the weather is poor or you are feeling blue for no reason- it’s important to still find reasons to smile as Louise explained when we caught up with her.

Louise Redknapp

Louise Redknapp

Please tell us about your involvement in the new Actimel campaign.

I’ve joined forces with Actimel to help everyone have a more positive approach to the day. It seemed like a natural fit as I’m feeling fantastic at the moment and it’s nice to help people remember that everyday life is great, it’s all about the mind-set with which you approach it.

How do you navigate through life’s daily challenges?

I honestly find a positive mind-set is everything, which can be hard to remember sometimes. Like when I’m stuck in traffic and running late to pick up the kids, you feel awful and the stress level is rising. All you really need to do is breathe, accept the situation and put on some music really loud and have a little sing to yourself!

What are your top tips for staying positive when the weather is bad outside?

I love a good rainy day. Any excuse to wrap up warm, and get cozy. I'll cuddle up with my boys and put a film on. Bad weather doesn't have to mean bad times!!

When you do get a case of the blues how did you kick it?

As a lot of people know, I recently got back into dancing in a big way. I'm trying to keep that up as much as I can. I find going to a class and just letting go for an hour is the best mood buster of all.

Dancing has always been a big part of my life. I went to performing arts school before being in a girl band and having a solo career. When I started a family, I focussed all my energy on that but since being part of Strictly, I'm really felt my passion for dance return. I made friends for life on the show, and myself and some of the Strictly cast still go to regular classes!

When and why did you start doing yoga and pilates and how has it changed your attitude in the mornings?

Pilates is one of my main forms of exercise - apart from kicking a ball around the garden with my boys! I tend to do it with friends rather on my own, as that's the way I stay motivated in exercise. Also, it means you can go for a cup of tea and a catch-up afterwards! 

What are your top tips for staying resilient in all areas of your life?

Keep a positive mind-set and realise that time moves on and changes things. You have to do little things every day to make you happy even if it’s just taking five minutes to sit down with a cup of tea and a book. And be fearless! 

Why is balance and being mentally strong key to a positive attitude?

A positive attitude is everything, it completely changes the way you approach life. You're bound to take more risks, and get yourself in amazing situations as a result! 

What typical things do you eat to keep your body fuelled for the day?

I try and be as healthy as I can but that means balance- like having a roast dinner and not over-doing the potatoes. I always have Actimel multi-fruit in my fridge as well, my favourite flavour!

What does summer 2017 bring for you?

I just really want to keep on dancing - whether that be on the West End stage (which is a dream!) or on a tour somewhere not too far from home. I'll also look forward to picnics in the park, maybe a beach break somewhere and long walks with my dogs and my family. It's the little things!

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