Health on Female First

Health on Female First

Be part of the solution, not the problem

The past couple of years have seen a rise in consciousness around single-use plastic. Research from Sky Ocean Rescue has shown that the UK consumes 10.7bn single-use plastic bags and 14.1bn drinks bottles in a single year. You can slow down plastic pollution to the environment by reducing the global consumption of single-use plastic.

Single-use plastic is bad for your health

Disposable plastic bottles are usually made from PET (polyterephthlate) plastic, which is plastic chemical that can seep into the water after it has been left on a shop floor and exposed to the day light for too long.

You can control your daily water intake

Water, the source of all life! Stay hydrated by keeping track of how many litres you’re drinking every day. Health admin goals – check.

Save the world's natural resources and energy

It’s simple. Less plastic, less PET recycling. The effort, environmental damage and eventual “benefit” of disposable plastic bottles are therefore obviously out of all proportions.

One bottle will last you for years

If you're anything like us, sustainability, minimalism, and zero-waste goals are important to you. So who said you can’t enjoy some stylish accessories every once in a while? We’re loving Sky Ocean Rescue’s reusable water bottles designed by the likes of Kate Moss, Harry Kane, Will Poulter and Bob Geldof which a little birdy has told us are available for half price this Black Friday.

All proceeds from the range will go to initiatives protecting ocean health, including Sky Ocean Rescue’s partnership with WWF-UK, which funds marine protection areas covering 400,000km2 of our oceans. 

Just apply code BLACKFRIDAY2019 when purchasing your Reusable Water Bottle - £25 now £12.50 exclusively at 

Save money

Single-use plastic bottles of water are expensive. Save the ocean and save your purse strings…

Become more environmentally conscious, naturally

Making the change is simple and it makes a real difference. Small daily changes can help affect real change – but it takes these small steps to move towards a cleaner, eco-friendly future!

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