Little Lifts kindly sent me one of their signature boxes which is designed for women with breast cancer, however it can also double up a wellness box for those who are looking for some little lifts in their life right now. Let’s face it we all need a lift sometimes. I have never tried a wellbeing box before so here are my thoughts…

Health on Female First

Health on Female First

It feels good to receive a gift when you’re not celebrating anything: Christmas is just around the corner, however during the weeks leading up to it all- the presents that come through the door are for other people not yourself. It felt lovely to receive something that was just for me and not a gift for a loved one. There is long gap between birthdays so it’s nice to be able to treat yourself in between.

It gives you the chance to try new brands: Many of us are loyal to certain brands- but when is sent to your doorstep, it would be rude not to try something different. Whether it’s a new type of tea, a cordial you’ve never thought to buy before or a snack that you’ve always walked past in the shop- there’s a chance you might find a new favourite in there.

It encourages you to take time out: Perhaps you never use a face mask, write down your thoughts or do a crossword- but with a wellbeing box, you are more likely to give something a go that means you have to unplug for a little while, which can only be a good thing.

It can help with personal goals: If one of your resolutions is to drink more water, grow your own plants or to spend more time in the kitchen- a wellbeing box can give you the kick start you need- everything is there for you- so you might as well make a start.

It can replace things you might need: Perhaps you have filled all your notebooks, or need to replace your toothbrush and toothpaste or maybe you have run out of chewing gum in your handbag- a wellbeing box might just help you to cross these things off your shopping list.

The start of something new: A wellbeing box might just give you the nudge to start a new way of life. You might try something from it once and never look back because it becomes an instant hit with you. If you have not given something a chance before- this might encourage you to do so.

Sharing is caring: I found that not everything in the box was to my taste, however I knew others who would love it. So I gave the hot chocolate to my grandma who loves a cup of hot cocoa at night and the crosswords and puzzles to my friend who enjoys nothing more than to sit back and relax with a puzzle book and a cup of tea. You can pay the little lifts forward to others and encourage conversation about the box or simply to have a catch up with the recipient of your gift.

We all need a lift when the weather is poor, and the nights are dark, and this hit the spot. Thank you to Little Lifts for bringing some light into my otherwise dark week.

Littlelifts is a breast cancer charity that supports women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer in Norfolk and Suffolk. The charity’s comfort boxes can now also be purchased from their new online shop:

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