Seven Seas has launched a new one-of-a-kind supplement which contains Vitamins C, D and Zinc to help support the immune system. In 2020, 58% of European consumers have become more conscious of their immune systems because of recent events (FMCG GURUS, 2020*). We have top tips and advice from foodie Alexandra Dudley, including how to maintain a normal immune system, this winter.

Alexandra’s tips for winter wellbeing - source -

Alexandra’s tips for winter wellbeing - source -

Alexandra’s top 10 tips for winter wellbeing: 

  1. Get your fluids in! It’s easy to forget to drink water when you’re busy. I like to fill up a large glass bottle and keep it on my desk. Having it there reminds me to drink it.
  2. Think about colours on your plate. It’s easy to get into a rut of eating the same vegetables over and over again. Keep up variety by making sure you’ve got lots of colours on your plate. Think orange carrots, red peppers, green broccoli. I tend to make sure I’ve got at least three colours on my plate for every meal.
  3. Eat enough fibre. Fibre is crucial for keeping everything ticking along and making sure we are regular ;). Wholegrains are a brilliant source of fibre as are sweet potatoes and squash. I try to ensure I eat at least two servings of fibre a day. A bowl of porridge for breakfast is a great start or perhaps a baked sweet potato for lunch.
  4. Get an immunity supplement you trust. I am even more vigilant with making sure my body gets what it needs during these winter months. I love the Seven Seas Omega-3 & Immunity supplement. It contains a 5-in-1 formulation with Vitamins C, D, Zinc, Selenium and Copper to help maintain a normal immune system, as well as Ginger Root Extract and Turmeric.
  5. An apple a day! Or at least a piece of fruit. It doesn’t have to be an apple but I love to include at least one piece of fruit every day. This time of year, I love oranges, clementines and grapefruit.
  6. Get enough sleep! Sleep is so important to our wellbeing and it’s something that I am constantly trying to do more of. I have a strict rule about turning off my phone at least an hour before bed and try to limit screen time via my laptop or TV too.
  7. Get fresh air. Even a walk around the block makes such a difference to my general energy levels and mood.
  8. Remember to stretch. I love to exercise but even if you aren’t doing vigorous exercise it’s so important to keep the body supple and stretched. If I’ve sat at my desk for too long I’ll make sure I get up and have a bit of a wiggle and stretch. I feel miles better and it usually prevents me from getting any aches and pains.
  9. Include gut friendly foods in your diet. A lot of our wellbeing comes from the gut, after all if your digestion isn’t working how can you absorb the nutrients from your food? I love to include fermented foods such as kimchi, kombucha, kefir, miso and live yogurt into my diet. They’re fab for bringing flavour to food too and delicious!
  10. Get creative with spices in your cooking. As well as being excellent ways to add flavour in cooking, many spices such as cinnamon and turmeric are very popular in my house. I love to add a pinch of turmeric to my porridge or scrambled eggs.

For over 85 years, Seven Seas has been supporting the health and wellbeing of families by supplying customers with unique supplements and fish oils. This new supplement launch comes at a time where immune system support is more relevant than ever, with 58% of European consumers having become more conscious of their immune systems due to the current circumstances.

A recent consumer survey conducted by FMCG GURUS, has shown that even consumers who previously deemed themselves to have a good immune system are re-evaluating their health due to current circumstances, with 53% of consumers making changes to their diets and lifestyles in the aim to improve their immune system.

The newest product by Seven Seas, Omega-3 & Immunity*, specifically supports the immune system alongside general health. The launch has come just in time for this consumer shift in a greater concern about the immune system, especially where seasonal changes may affect immune system activity, according to the NHS±. 

The supplement contains a 5-in-1 formula of added Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Selenium and Copper, all included to provide a well-balanced recipe to help with maintaining a normal immune system1. It also includes Ginger Root Extract and Turmeric.

With 1000mg of fish oil, containing your recommended daily allowance of 300g of Omega-3, and other added vitamins, this is a one-of-a-kind supplement designed for supporting the immune system1 all year round. The human body cannot naturally produce Omega-3 from scratch, so this 2-in-1 capsule provides sufficient amounts of Omega-3 fatty acid to support you heart, brain & vision, as well as 5 immune system-focussed ingredients like Vitamin D; resulting in what is essentially a supplement designed for anyone concerned with immune system and overall body health.

Available in Boots at an RRP of £14.99, and as part of a 3 for 2 deal, Seven Seas Omega-3 & Immunity* has been specifically developed to support your immune system, encompassed in a 5-in-1 formula.

This unique offering provides whole body immune system support, combining benefits for your heart, brain, eyes and immune system into one box, which means you don’t have to buy multiple products to achieve the same result.



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