As an aesthetic surgeon, I think I’ve heard it all. And when it comes to breasts, and the general array of requests from bigger and smaller to firmer and lifted, I don’t bat an eyelid.

Dr Amanda Wong

Dr Amanda Wong

I’ve seen the genuine positive transformation that breast surgery brings to lives and confidence and as such, I know it can be a life as well as body enhancing decision.

But even I was surprised by news of the latest trend predicted to hit the cosmetic industry - that of the ‘smartie’ or super small nipple.

According to a survey conducted by a large cosmetic surgery group, there’s been a 30 per cent rise in women requesting a smaller nipple size, and a smaller cup size too, with cup sizes for implants going down to a C, compared to DD which was the most popular size a couple of years ago.

The ‘Smartie nipple’ trend is driven in part by Instagram, on which nipples are apparently not allowed (so the smaller they are, the easier to show cleavage or sideboob) and Vogue, who say the days of cleavage is “over".

For the first time in my career, I actually think this trend is taking the pursuit for perfection a little too far.  Here’s why I think to have surgery just to change the size of your nipples or your areola is utter madness. Our clinic and team of surgeons definitely do not suggest just having nipple surgery on its own.

It doesn’t look natural

Some people might like the ‘unnatural look’, but imagine having small breasts with a big areola or big breasts with a small areola - it just wouldn't look right.

Trends don’t last forever

As we know from previous celeb trends, the Kim Kardashian bum or the zero cleavage look, trends don’t last forever and neither will this one, but getting surgery will mean your new small nipples will be permanent - and what will you do if the big nipple trend comes into fashion?

Breasts are most attractive when in proportion

This surgery very much depends on your size, the size of your areola and the size of your nipples to determine how your breast should look in order to be proportionate - it’s not attractive to have nipples that don’t match the rest of your breast. When it comes to making your areola smaller, it depends very much on the size of your breast. Each of our nipples are different in size, shape and appearance - not every breast will suit the small nipple makeover!

It’s just another reason to not love your body

There are so many things that women are insecure about, we really don’t need anymore.  Our nipples are generally unseen and we can just leave them as they are. Unless you walk around topless everyday you won’t be able to ‘show off’ your small nipples very often, so is there really any point in going under the knife for something so pointless?

It costs a lot of money

Nipple reduction surgery costs upwards of £3500,  so it’s not cheap - is it really worth the money?

By Dr Amanda Wong Powell, founder of the W1 Wellness clinic