The Stoptober campaign may come to an end today, but the 28-day stop smoking challenge has certainly had an effect as more than 250,000 smokers across England and Wales have stubbed out the cigarettes.

Smoking rates are at their lowest ever

Smoking rates are at their lowest ever

The nation's biggest mass quit attempt from Public Health England saw more people than ever helping each other through to 28 without smoking - and figures reveal smoking rates have reached an all-time low.

The latest data from the Office for National Statistics reveals that the number of smokers in England has hit a record low, with smokers now accounting for only 18.4% of the population in 2013 , a drop of 1.1% compared to 2012. And according to UCL's Smoking Toolkit Study, smoking rates are continuing to fall in 2014. Those who successfully took part in Stoptober and didn't smoke for 28 days are now five times more likely to remain smoke free, contributing to the growing numbers of non-smokers nationwide.

Kevin Fenton, National Director of Health and Wellbeing at Public Health England said:

"With more than 250,000 participants, it is fantastic to see that this year's Stoptober has been so successful. Evidence shows the clear health benefits that giving up smoking provides, and that by quitting smoking people can make a huge difference to their long-term wellbeing.

"The success of mass-quit attempts, such as Stoptober, show that a tobacco-free generation is now within sight as more smokers stub out their cigarettes as part of a conscious decision to improve their health."

Smokers from other countries also joined England and Wales in quitting this month, as Stoptober rolled into New Zealand and the Netherlands for the first time, so that people from all over the world stopped smoking together.

The nation shows its support

Stoptober has had greater support than ever before with well-known faces such as Duncan Bannatyne, Gemma Collins and Jenny Frost joining some of the nation's top comedians, including Paddy McGuinness, Al Murray, Simon Brodkin (aka Lee Nelson) and Andi Osho, who helped people stay away from the cigarettes by providing motivational messages of support throughout the 28 days.

This year's campaign had a comedy theme for the first time, to help smokers get through the difficult challenge of quitting, and over 250 organisations such as Asda and the British Army as well as football clubs and bloggers got thousands of people to stay smoke free for 28 days.

To celebrate the end of the challenge for all participants and their supporters, a free online comedy gig, hosted by Lee Nelson, is taking place today (28thOctober). The gig will be streamed live from the Stoptober YouTube channel at 7pm:

Comedian, Lee Nelson said: "What great news it is that over 250,000 legends got involved this year and gave quitting smoking a go. I want to say 'well-done' to everyone who made it through, and those who tried to quit, slipped up and are trying again, why not settle down after work on 28th October with a nice cuppa and watch me and some funny friends give you a giggle with our online comedy gig for Stoptober. Enjoy, you've well deserved it!"

Rachael Eddy, from Portsmouth, who has quit smoking this Stoptober after smoking for thirty years, said: "I lost my mum recently to lung cancer and despite having been a heavy smoker for years, Stoptober gave me the opportunity to finally try and kick the habit for good. It has been tough at times, but the overwhelming support I have had from friends, colleagues and other people going through the same thing as me has really helped me keep going. I would not have reached 28 days without the support of Stoptober."

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