Dr Edward Bach developed the original Bach flower essences in the 1930's. His philosophy, one of simplicity, was reflected throughout his life and a keynote of his completed work, 'The Thirty Eight Bach Flower Remedies'.

The flower essences are a simple system that focuses on balancing emotional outlook and so enabling us to fulfil our true potential.

Even though Dr Bach discovered the system in the 1930's, they are still relevant today as even though lifestyles have changed, the emotions we experience are the same.

Bach Original Flower Remedies are a system of 38 individual essences still produced today according to Dr Bach's traditional methods. This is either the Sun Method or the Boiling Method. The flowers are still grown in Dr Bach's garden in Wallingford, Oxford.

Each essence focuses on a specific feeling such as jealousy, confidence, composure and patience, to name just a few.

His system allows you to combine up to seven essences to match your situation and how you feel.

Dr Bach's famous combination of five individual essences, RESCUE Remedy, has been used worldwide.

Are based on single wild flowers and tree blossoms, with the exception of Rock Water (natural spring water).

They are suitable for all the family.

They date back over 75 years.

Balance your emotions and fulfil your potential. Bach Original flower Remedies is a system of 38 flower essences from the makers of RESCUE®, they are the original flower essences, produced according to Dr Bach's traditional methods and many of the plants used originate from the Bach Centre garden in rural Oxfordshire.

What can you learn?

What can you learn?

Available from Holland & Barrett, most independent pharmacy, health food stores and www.boots.com, www.nelsonspharmacy.com or www.amazon.co.uk, RRP £6.99. For more information, visit www.bachremedies.co.uk.

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