Have you managed to quit smoking this Stoptober? According to new research, the key to successfully quitting smoking is by keeping it a secret.

Quit the habit by keeping it a secret

Quit the habit by keeping it a secret

A new study from Boots UK reveals that 62% of smokers prefer to quit smoking in secret, only revealing the truth about their attempt to quit when they successfully achieve their smoke free ambitions.

Released to coincide with Stoptober - the month of the year when over a quarter of a million people are trying to quit smoking as part of the government's 28 day challenge; the research reveals, 42% of smokers would rather speak to an expert, such as a Smoking Cessation Advisor or pharmacist, over a family member or friend.

Whilst friends and family may have the very best intentions at heart, it seems 63% of smokers find their advice is actually unhelpful, and more than half say that there is nothing more annoying than someone asking how their quit attempt is going.

Boots pharmacist, Angela Chalmers says: "For many smokers, quitting smoking is a lifetime ambition so they may choose to quit in secret and instead have a big celebration when they finally announce they are smoke free. At Boots UK we understand quitting smoking is a very personal journey that is different for every individual, and we're here to help people find the quit way that works best for them. We can give them the secret support they might want at every stage of their smoke free journey, so that smokers can ultimately be proud of their achievements when they are ready to share their secret success with the world."

To find out more about how Boots UK can help you to stay smoke free during Stoptober and also beyond, visit a participating Boots pharmacy today for a private and confidential chat with a member of the pharmacy team. Expert advice is available without an appointment necessary, to check the pharmacy opening times, please visit the store locator at www.boots.com/storelocator.

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