Who doesn't love to sleep? It's pure relaxation, no worries, no anything. Bliss. So when it suddenly becomes harder to zip off to the land of nod, things become problematic. We already know that sleep can make people grumpy and groggy, but a consistent lack of sleep can cause effects much worse than that.

Could you do with more sleep?

Could you do with more sleep?

Unfortunately, according to the latest Great British Bedtime Report produced by The Sleep Council, 27% of us are experiencing poor quality sleep on a regular basis.

Sleep loss dumbs you down, lead to serious health problems, kills your sex drive and ages your skin. Sleep deprivation was also a factor in the Chernobyl nuclear disaster! Now we're not saying that missing a few nights of sleep will lead to the end of the world, but it's something to keep in mind!

Of course, the people most likely to get the least sleep are the parents of newborns. The added pressure, wake up calls at 2am and around the clock 24 hour care can make it very hard to relax when you finally find the time.

That's why Eve Mattress has conducted research into the most effective tips and tricks on how to get to sleep. Because the people of Great Britain, especially the parents, deserve time to rest!

Take a look at their top tips below and try a few out for yourself.

Top tips for a good nights sleep

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