1. Plan ahead When scheduling your treatment, ask for advice from the spa team on the type of treatment that may fit your needs. If you didn't have time to fully investigate the treatment that you scheduled, don't fret. Treatments can often times be changed by the spa team after you've arrived. Also, speak with therapists at the onset of your treatment - they are a fountain of knowledge and will provide advice on the best type of treatment to maximize both your time and results.

2. Before stepping foot in the spa, spend a few moments practicing breathing Equal breathing, or Sama Vritti, can be practiced anywhere and to great results by simply inhaling for a four-count and subsequently exhaling for a four-count as well. Practice this breathing exercise when you enter the spa. Ensuring that your breathing is regulated will help you to fully relax and make the most out of your cherished time. Remember: breathe into the belly, not the chest.

3. Speak to your therapist about tension pressure points The feet, head, face and shoulders, neck and scalp are all areas where we hold stress and by indicating where you hold the most tension, your therapist will be able to customize your selected treatment in order to target the trouble areas. The Journey Enhancement treatments that I've created for Hilton's eforea spa are an example of this targeted type of 'tension zone treatment' and allow guests to walk away feeling rejuvenated - even if they've only had 25 minutes to spend at the spa.

4. Turn your mobile phone off! At most spas, this is already a 'golden rule,' but even if it is not at the spa you've selected, ensure that your mobile phone is turned completely off - not just on vibrate! Not only will turning off your phone ensure that you don't distract other spa-goers, but this will provide you with a mini 'digital detox.' Even if it's only for the duration of your treatment, this short break will certainly increase your enjoyment at the spa and do wonders for the mind as well.

Hilton's eforea spa

Hilton's eforea spa

5. Embrace the power of silence You don't have to chat! Spa-goers often feel the need to create small-talk with their therapists, but don't worry: you're not expected to! Spending even an hour in silence and away from the hustle of daily life can increase how long your spa visit feels to you. Silence is golden and will contribute to your mental relaxation. We promise: no hard feelings from your therapist.

Hilton Hotel’s Journey Enhancement Creator & Master Therapist Sean Jordan grew up in England where his curiosity led him to study Buddhist philosophy and meditation as a teenager. From there, his interest in the mind-body connection and spirituality flourished, leading him to a small community in the Himalayan Mountains where he was first exposed to the ancient art of Yoga Massage (also known as Ancient Thai Massage). Living and training in a small institute, he followed the guidance of great masters who have passed down wisdom from teacher to student for more than 2,000 years.

Connecting deeply with the vocation of healing massage and furthering his ancient medicine studies, Jordan continued his learning from Master Therapists across East Asia and England. Studying under world-renowned teacher Maria Mercati, Jordan graduated with honors from BODYHARMONICS School. Deciding to broaden his business skills, he spent the next five years working with Christian Nelleman, successful entrepreneur and founder of one of the UK's fastest growing telecom companies, XLN Telecom. As an original and core member of the company, Jordan progressed from a sales role to franchise owner and director, training and managing hundreds of employees and accounts. From his experience, Sean took away a strong business acumen, prompting him to delve into the business world himself.

With a newfound entrepreneurial mindset, Jordan went on to develop several healing and teaching centers from India to Central America, using his global knowledge and expertise in the art of massage to train major hotel spas. Jordan also opened a company providing on-site massages to corporations and their workers, functioning to de-stress employees all over Panama City.

As his accolades grew, Jordan relocated to Cancun, Mexico to focus on providing massage training to 5- star hotel spas and independent therapists. In 2014, Jordan teamed up with Hilton Worldwide to collaborate on the Journey Enhancement treatments. The freedom of expression and artistic creativity he is afforded allows him to combine ancient and modern healing wisdom to create what he believes to be some of the most rewarding spa treatments in the world, truly impacting the guests that experience them.

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