Want to look and feel like this? Follow these steps!

Want to look and feel like this? Follow these steps!

With dark nights, low self-esteem from dwindling new year’s resolutions and a deterioration in motivation it’s no wonder that people just want to hibernate post-Christmas, but we have some tips to give you that well needed boost this January with Bio-Kult.

De-clutter your space. If you have not used it in the last 12 months it needs to go. It has been found that clutter can be a distraction from more important pursuits so get the bin bags out and the dusters at the ready!

Don’t leave out breakfast. They don’t call it the most important ream of the day for nothing! Combine unrefined carbs, protein and heathy fats, which are slow, release energy to keep you going till lunch time! Scrambled eggs or salmon on toast is the perfect answer to your sluggish mornings.

Ditch the caffeine. Even if it does give you a kick in the mornings it will give you a big slump mid-morning, so opt for juice or green tea to gently awaken your system.

Probiotics. You never know your gut might have an imbalance in its flora. Get this balance back and you will have good function, be absorbing all those important nutrients and remove waste faster.

Move. It is important that you fight the urge to snuggle up under blankets this winter- get out and boost your energy levels and fight fatigue with some exercise. Walk to work, go for a romantic walk with your partner, walk to the supermarket- whatever it takes to get in your 10,000 steps per day.

Stretch. Stretching reduces stress, improves your body’s ability to move easier and increases circulation to feed your muscles.

Magnetic therapy. Magnetic fields are great at increasing circulation and oxygen flow in the body so everywhere gets it nutrients delivered successfully. Wrist bands relieve stiffness caused by sitting at a desk all day or just general aches and pains.



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