Would you have cosmetic surgery?

Would you have cosmetic surgery?

Healthy eating and exercise are the second option for losing weight, according to new research. As more women would prefer to undergo cosmetic surgery to lose weight. 

As part of ongoing research into the diet and fitness habits of Britons www.Sweatband.com surveyed 1,743 members of the public to investigate attitudes towards cosmetic surgery.

59% said they'd prefer to have cosmetic surgery as opposed to eating healthily and exercise to improve their physique. 

The survey found that women are more likely to consider cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance, making up just over half of the respondents who claimed to prefer cosmetic surgery.

The most desired cosmetic procedure of men and women in the UK, according to the results of the survey, is liposuction.

According to the results of the study, the top 5 most desired cosmetic procedures amongst women are as follows:

1.    Liposuction – 78%

2.    Tummy tuck – 65%

3.    Breast implants – 43%

4.    Breast lift – 39%

5.    Bum implants – 17%

In contrast, the most desired cosmetic procedures amongst men are as follows:

1.    Liposuction – 68%

2.    Breast reduction – 42%

3.    Tummy tuck – 31%

4.    Pectoral implants – 19%

5.    Abdominal implants – 16%

Maz Darvish, CEO of Sweatband.com, had the following to say:

“As you’d imagine, we entirely advocate a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise when it comes to improving your physique, but we wanted to see just how many people would consider surgery as a quick-fix means to achieving the body of their dreams.

“It appears that more needs to be done to counter the damage being done by members of the public constantly seeing cosmetic surgery as the easy option. Although it may help with confidence and outward appearance in the short term, only through a healthy lifestyle can you improve your fitness and ensure your body, particularly your heart and lungs, function as healthily as possible. The benefits of exercise in prolonging life and combating disease are very well documented, but this is lost on people who’d instead prefer to pay their way to a better body.”

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