New research reveals just how much Brits have made their furry friends an important part of their everyday lives. The poll from Attest, a consumer research platform, finds that many Brits go the extra mile to make their pets feel included and well taken care of, revealing:

Mariia Boiko / Alamy Stock Photo

Mariia Boiko / Alamy Stock Photo

  • Half of the UK’s pet owners can’t stand to put their animal in a cage and instead let their pets sleep in their own bed.

  • The majority (58%) also include their pets in important celebrations by buying them birthday and Christmas presents. Meanwhile, over a third take their pets along with them wherever they can. 

  • Brits also display a deep level of caring for their pets with the majority (59%) owning pet medical insurance and half admitting to buying premium pet food, while one in five (18%) also cook for their furry friend. In fact, one in give (21%) report having two pets in their home also. 

  • When it comes to what kinds of pets people own, dogs and cats reign supreme at 65% and 41% but people aren’t nearly as keen to care for fish (11%), rabbits (6%), rodents (6%), or birds. 

Jeremy King, CEO and Founder of Attest, said: “This research confirms what we already know; pets are important family members. Brits make a significant effort to make animals feel a part of everyday life - from birthday celebrations to home-cooked food and regular outings.”

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