Today we look at all the ways in which minimalism can help to improve your health and why it is your best medicine- other than laughter of course.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

It reduces things that harbour dust: The simplest way minimalism can help your health is by having less stuff in your home. It may sound obvious but the less things you own- the less there is in your space to gather dirt and grime. Even if you are a maximalist and keep your home clean- there are still areas you will be missing because you can’t reach them or don’t think of it as a harbourer of dirt. Think about all the stuff under your bed- meaning you can’t move it and hoover underneath- this is a prime example of how your stuff is getting in the way of the air quality in your home.

Your home is less hazardous: If you take a more minimalist approach to your home- there is less to trip over, fall onto or graze yourself on. The fewer obstacles in your way- you are less likely to injure yourself on your stuff. Think about the number of times you have hurt yourself because there was something in your path that shouldn’t have been there. It doesn’t matter how small a graze or scratch- it was still stuff that caused you pain or at the very least discomfort.

Minimalists encourage experiences: It is not the definition of minimalism, but if you watch minimalist You Tubers- many recommended that you spend your money and your time on doing things rather than accumulating things. Experiences get you out of the house, they encourage movement, interaction, bonding, company, fresh air- all of which are essential for your physical and mental health. Consider how you feel when you are in your home, compared to when you are doing something out of it- chances are you will value the experience outside of your space more because there is greater opportunity to see new things.

Clear space, clear mind: If your home is clear of clutter, your attention can shift from your surroundings to yourself. Perhaps you are struggling with your mental health at present- but the lack of things to worry about in your peripheral vision offers up time to find solutions to low mood, anxiety or stress.

Quality over quantity: Many minimalists advocate spending more on the things that matter- like what you put into your body to fuel it. Junk food is generally cheap where good quality whole foods might cost you more than you’d usually spend at the supermarket. But which is going to serve your body more? The clean, natural produce. If you eat food that is made from good quality ingredients- your health is likely to improve.

It can free up money for healthier pursuits: The less you spend on items you don’t need, the more you can invest in your own health. Rather than a subscription to a streaming service every month- why not transfer the cost to a gym membership? Think about all the money you spend on cosmetics- why not use that money to buy better quality food at the supermarket and work on getting healthy from the inside?

Minimalism can help you to free up your time: If one of the reasons you are unhealthy is because you eat out with friends too many times per week, or spend every weekend drinking to excess- minimalism can help you to reduce the amount of activity planned in your calendar to make better choices for your body. Rather than spending two nights per week at the cinema munching on popcorn and drinking full fat soda, perhaps you could keep these nights free to rest and recuperate- to sleep and read or spend time with family.

Less stress: Stress is the one thing you can rely on to make you unhealthy. Imagine coming home to a clean and tidy house, a calendar with free days to do what you wish, a cupboard full of nourishing ingredients and no junk food- how would you feel?

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To give you a purpose: Before you start, you can write down your most important reasons for wanting to change- whether that is to spend more time with loved ones, to downsize your home for retirement or to go travelling with a single backpack, there is always a ‘why’. Be sure to write this down and keep it at the forefront of your mind as you go through the process...

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