Whether you've been inspired by a stylish hotel bathroom or a modern restaurant's loo, the bathroom you've been dreaming of can be a reality!

Home and Garden on Female First

Home and Garden on Female First

Here are a few simple tips on where you can save money, and where to allow yourself to spend more, to guarantee you create the perfect bathroom, with a lower budget than you may have imagined.

Up-cycle your bath

Instead of buying a new bath, it can be more efficient to re-enamel your existing bath and then spend more on a counter-top sink and toilet with designer styling. Also, replacing the seal on a bath and buying a new shower tray and thus saving on the whole shower enclosure for example, is a great way to update on a budget. Also, why not consider non-traditional bathroom items for the bathroom, such as a wooden drawer, pallets or wooden shelving units, to create a shabby chic look.

Be bold and add a touch of colour

If you want your bathroom to be a room that stands out in your home and gives people a reason to talk, pick a colour that will bring your bathroom to life. To give your bathroom a dramatic makeover, patterned tiles can also give your bathroom a new look, without having to transform all of your bathroom furniture.


Small additions to your bathroom can create a look a feel that can change your entire room. From a vintage mirror, to picture frames, to a new shower curtain, can all make a difference. Even adding a small touches such as some books or magazines, a vase with flowers in or a candles or two, can give your bathroom a homely feel.

Update your shower head

To save on costs, it's easy to gradually invest in one off purchases, such as a new shower head. From as little as £24, up to £150, you can purchase a striking modern square shower head, or try a more traditional round Victorian or Edwardian style head.

Splash out on taps!

When installing various items in your bathroom, it's still important to consider quality over the total cost, even if you are working to a budget. One aspect of your bathroom not to do on the cheap is your taps (taps always need to have thermostatic protection). Most new houses already have this installed, however older houses don't, so it's important to spend slightly more money on something you'll use daily.

Avoid brass

Something that you can buy cheaply can become a poor investment in the long run, because of its low quality. So together with your bathrooms taps, you should make sure you avoid brass sinks, or welded bodies that will split and corrode within 1-3 years.

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