Honda are renowned for building some of the world’s best cars as well as first class motorcycles, they also produce some serious gardening kit. With spring not far away, it is now the best time to start taking stock of your gardening equipment to see what needs servicing, what needs replacing. So, with this in mind we decided to take a look at their latest cordless lawn mower, here are the results of the tests.

Honda IZY-ON 416XB Cordless Lawn Mower

Honda IZY-ON 416XB Cordless Lawn Mower

The Review

We started with a test of the staple of garden tools the Garden Mower - Honda’s latest medium sized cordless mower. IZY-ON 416XB cordless mower to be exact.

The mower like all Honda’s mowers is built on a steel deck giving it strength and rigidity, it is powered by a 36V battery interchangeable across many of the other garden tool range for ease of use and charging. The battery also boasts a fast charge time of just 35 minutes. A fully charged battery will mow a lawn 365m² ample for most average size gardens. There is an indicator that shows the battery power level while you use the mower. The mower comes complete with a charger are included

The handle height is adjustable and there are two easy to use levers, one front and one back with which adjust the cutting height, the IZY-ON 416’s six different cut heights range from 20-75mm giving you the correct length of cut for all seasons and conditions. The grass box is 50L, ample for most mowing sessions.

The mower is well designed, easy to use and produces a high-quality cut, when used with the assisted ‘pull’ the wheels are driven by the battery meaning it is effortless when mowing. It also feels sturdy and strong – ‘a good piece of kit, that will last’.

When you have finished using the mower its easy to stow away with a handle that folds down over the body of the mower while the fabric grass box will neatly stack on top keeping it nice and compact. It’s also easy to lift in and out of your garden shed given the light weight, so no bad backs.

The Honda IZY-ON 416XB Cordless is good value for money given its quality coming in around £450. A well thought out, well built, and uncomplicated mower that will last and last.

A plus as I said earlier, the battery and charger are interchangeable with other Honda Universal Battery tools, saving you money in the future when you buy more kit.

We loved the IZY-ON 416XB Cordless Lawn Mower

To find out more on the IZY-ON 416XB and the full range of cordless garden tools go to Honda Store