As Dorothy said, ’there’s no place like home’ and after being instructed to stay home to protect each other during the pandemic through to more recent political uncertainty and fears related to the cost of living, our homes have become a safe haven that we value more than ever. 

Kerry Lockwood in her home

Kerry Lockwood in her home

People are continuing to spend more time at home than ever before and a recent ONS survey revealed that one third of Brits are still opting to work from home in 2022 despite restrictions being lifted. Joanna Feeley, CEO of TrendBible has said ‘the home now functions in a much broader sense, for many the home the new office, school, restaurant, gym, cinema and sanctuary. The pivotal space in our universe.’  

Our physical environment can have surprising benefits such as improved sleep, improving relationships, reduced stress, depression and anxiety as well as increasing productivity. 

Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a word that you may have become familiar with over the past couple of years. The Scandinavian term refers to a quality of cosiness, contentment and wellbeing found through creating a warm atmosphere that encourages togetherness and appreciation. We are inadvertently seeking this more than ever, so here are my tips for transforming your home into a happiness haven:

1. Declutter your home and declutter your mind. Having a good spring clean is clinically proven to have a positive effect on your mental heath and improving your mood. Don’t try and do your whole house at once, try tackling one area at a time. Consider donating any unwanted items to a charity shop for a bonus boost of self worth.

2. Lighten your mood. Natural light has so many benefits, so pull back those curtains and soak up the sun-rays to heighten your serotonin levels. When the sun sets look at creating pockets of light using wall lights and lamps rather than having one central light in a room. This creates a much more cosy feel along with a sense of calm. I’m also a big fan of candlelight to add a warm and relaxing ambiance. 

3. Choose enhancing colours. The colour trends for SS22 interiors have been designed to bring sunny optimism into our lives after the past couple of years. Trendbible’s Joanna Feeley added ‘our homes will be a place to express optimistic colour combinations, especially sunny yellow and lilac which are paired to bring an air of playfulness into our homes.’  Accessories like cushions and artwork are a great way to experiment with bright colours to celebrate living life to the full. 

4. Go green. Plants add instant life to a space but they’re also great for your wellbeing as they help improve the quality and purity of indoor air.

5. Smell in self-care. Your favourite scented candles can change your mood instantly and make you feel more relaxed. Reuniting with a scent from your past can instantly flood us with great memories and joyful nostalgia.

6. Surround yourself with happy memories. Buy what you love and curate your home using pieces picked up from travels or special moments to surround yourself with things to make you smile.

7. Texture is key. Using lots of different textures will make your space feel more cosy and add interest. It will prevent your space from feeling flat and one dimensional.

Kerry Lockwood is an interiors stylist and blogger. Follow her on Instagram @kerrylockwood or visit her website

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