Minimalism is a powerful tool for change, and a means to help you reinvent yourself in 2021 should you wish to shed the old you and reveal the new and shinier person just waiting underneath the thick skin of stuff. Here are just seven ways living more simply can give you a rebirth. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Minimalism helps you let go of your past self: By releasing all the objects associated with your younger self- only space is left to embrace all the things you are now. Rid yourself of the old student papers, the unused hobby equipment, the unflattering clothes, the mementos from previous relationships and diaries from your youth and what’s left? An opportunity to focus on your current love, your latest passion, your career, your new look and yourself in the here and now. 

Minimalism can allow for a slow or fast reinvention: There is no timeline or pressure with minimalism, you can do it entirely at your own pace, so the changes you make can be gradual or they can be radical. It’s up to you how badly and how quickly you want to alter your life and yourself. 

Minimalism can help you to discover the real you: By clearing out the things that are acting as blockers to your exploration, you can finally have the breathing room to ask the pertinent questions- what do I want? Who do I want to spend my time with? What are my passions? What direction do I want my life to take? This is difficult when there is visual interference from excess stuff. By doing away with the old, you are opening yourself up to new opportunities. 

Minimalism can give you an identity: Perhaps one of the reasons you have been lost is because you haven't been able to identify with any lifestyle. You have lacked the support from other like-minded people and didn’t understand where your motivations were coming from. Minimalism can help you to put a name to a feeling. This movement is filled with inspirational people and a wealth of support from others who have found value in its practices. Part of your reinvention might be to assign yourself to a message, a voice, a way of life to help guide you on your way.  

Minimalism can offer you a new way of thinking: Reinvention is about presenting a new version of yourself to the world, but before you do, there needs to be a shift in mindset. It is one thing to look different, but another to feel different and people know when you’re not being genuine. It doesn’t happen overnight, but by listening to others, putting things into practice and experiencing the benefits for yourself, you will begin to see things in a new light. What was once important might be no longer, what you once enjoyed filling your time with may now leave you feeling empty. The transition between the old and the new you can be significant. 

Minimalism can have longevity if you let it: Most reinventions are temporary, fleeting moments of enthusiasm that fade into the background when things get tough, but simple living has the potential to be lifelong if you give it a chance and commit to it. Once you reach the sweet spot, it doesn’t demand a lot from you and you don’t from it- it becomes a way of life- an easy one at that. 

Minimalism can help you find a new you, without the need for new stuff: Reinvention comes from within, the answer does not- as advertisers would have you believe- reside in stuff. The newest clothes, shoes, make-up, gadget, car, house, jewellery or trinket may fool you and others into thinking you’ve changed for a little while, but sooner or later the truth will come out. A minimal life is one that focuses on nurturing the old and giving it a new lease of life rather than trading it in for a new model, so work with what you already have and make it shine!

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