If you are looking to declutter your home slowly- we will be running a ‘things to declutter’ feature each week so you can tackle the areas of your space in small chunks rather than doing it all at once. Here are the areas to focus on this week…

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Skincare products: Look at all of your skin products like face washes, scrubs, moisturisers and serums- which ones are past their best? Which ones do you never use? Which prodcuts irritate your skin? Give ones away you can to members of your family and friends and discard the rest.

Animals toys and products: If your pet died a while ago and you still have food, bedding, products and toys- work through them and take out what you can give to your local shelter or to other people you know with pets and get rid of the rest. This goes for things that your pet doesn’t like too- if you bought it a toy it never uses- it’s time to remove it from your home.

Singles that should be in pairs: That goes for socks, plastic containers without lids, pans without lids, gloves, shoes, pens without lids- anything that should have a partner and doesn’t- needs to go. If you haven’t found its friend yet, chances are you never will.

Plants: Look carefully at all your indoor plants- have some of them seen better days? If so, send them to your green recycling bin give them a good send off.

Car rubbish: Take a look in your car- is it full of old parking tickets, rappers from food you’ve eaten on the go and old car air fresheners? If this sounds like your vehicle- give it a well needed dose of TLC and rid it of anything that is trash.

Technology: Do you really need 5 old phones, your ancient student laptop and 3 DVD players when all the TVs in your home already have one? No. So purge your space of technology that you’re not longer using and focus on the pieces that do serve a purpose in your house.

Office supplies: Take your attention to your study or desk area and ask yourself some hard questions like- ‘how many pens can I use in a lifetime?’, ‘how many wall pins do I actually need?’ and ‘when was the last time I used my calculator when I have one on my phone?’. Be realistic and pare down where needed.

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