Interested to find out what the strangest plumber callouts had been over the past few years, boiler installation company Heatable conducted the research.

Daisy-Daisy / Alamy Stock Photo

Daisy-Daisy / Alamy Stock Photo

Surveying their nationwide network of tradesmen, they uncovered some very bizarre callout requests from across the country.

Needing help to fix a leak fast, one panicky individual called up saying that he needed help with a “leak” in the dining room. The plumber turned up expecting a leak in the pipework or central heating system, but instead was presented with a leaking fish tank!

Of course, this was not the type of leak plumbers are trained to deal with, but regardless the plumber did stay to help drain the tank before it caused any significant damage to the property.

Another strange request was from a lady who called at around 5am in the morning asking one of our plumbers to remove a “giant” spider from her toilet bowl.

It turned out the lady had always suffered from severe arachnophobia and was living away from home, so there was nobody else she felt comfortable enough asking, especially at such an unsociable hour. The plumber happily obliged.

Elsewhere, one gentleman’s robotic cat litter box had become blocked, so he thought that a plumber would be the appropriate person to help repair their furry friend's “toilet”.

Other more common encounters were of a more adult nature and involved several customers walking around the house barely clothed or completely nude, with one admitting it was her fantasy and that she didn’t actually need anything in the property fixing.

Oddly, a quick look into Google search data by Heatable’s team revealed that plumbers are the most searched-for when it comes to sexual fantasies, with almost 190,000 searches in 2021 alone.