A staggering amount of customers who choose to buy their furniture from DFS can now have their unwanted sofa collected for free by the BHF.

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Home and Garden on Female First

Your sofa will then be sold by the BHF to one of its 165 Furniture stores across the UK. The funds raised will go towards the prevention of almost 80,000 coronary heart disease deaths every year.   

Konnie Huq has always been a keen supporter of BHF and has helped to launch the partnership between DFS and BHF. She quotes by saying ‘The fight against heart disease is a cause that’s very close to me, which is why I am delighted to be supporting the partnership between DFS and the BHF.

'The beauty of the scheme is that it’s simple – most people don’t know what to do with their old sofa once they’ve bought a new one, so to have it collected for free and know that it will raise vital funds to continue the BHF’s lifesaving work is fantastic.’

DFS spokesperson Andrew Stephenson says that ‘The BHF funds incredibly important work in the UK, and we’re proud we can support them in doing so. As the UK’s biggest sofa retailer, our scale and loyal customer base means we can make a significant contribution to the work of the BHF and potentially help save thousands of lives. With the help of our customers, we will be on target to raise an astonishing £2 million within a year.’

BHF Retail Director Mike Taylor also adds ‘We are delighted to be working with DFS on this partnership to provide a national free collection service for unwanted furniture and electrical items. The money raised from the first year of the partnership alone could fund as many as ten Heart Failure Nurses for three years each, so customers will be making a huge difference by donating their old sofas.’

Customers who wish to donate their unwanted sofa can do so by visiting DFS website. 

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