Engagement rings that don't conform to the standard, classic style are considered non-traditional or unique. They have a design element that makes them stand out from the crowd, such as a complicated setting or a vivid gemstone. Choosing a ring with a non-standard style allows you to express your individuality without being constrained by conventional norms.

Unique Engagement rings

Unique Engagement rings

Many modern couples are looking for novel alternatives to diamond engagement rings. For some, the appeal of an unconventional engagement ring is in its ability to stand out from the crowd, while for others, it is the desire to have a piece of jewelry that has deeper personal significance.

It's a great idea to go for unique engagement rings if you're looking for something outside the standard solitaire diamond. The cost of non-traditional engagement rings is sometimes significantly lower than that of diamond rings, and their unique beauty and significance make them a perfect alternative.

10 Non-Traditional Unique Engagement Rings

One of the best things about non-traditional engagement rings is the freedom of choice in stones. Which gem will it be for you and your better half? Which gemstone would best represent your relationship? Find out what alternatives there are to diamonds by reading about some of our favorites down below.

1.    Blue Sandstone Engagement Ring

Engagement rings made of blue sandstone are a sight to behold. Although it does not reflect the color gold, sandstone is often referred to as a goldstone. It's a great way to gain insight, confidence, and vitality. Those who wear a victory ring made of blue sandstone are said to be unstoppable. Blue sandstone's glints are reminiscent of the night sky's stars, serving as a powerful and gentle reminder that we are all interconnected. Blue sandstone is a fascinating and unusual stone because of its uplifting and restorative qualities.

2.    Peach Cushion Morganite Fortuna

Morganite engagement rings are one of the most popular alternatives to diamonds since they are affordable, last a long time, and come in a wide variety of beautiful colors (from pastel pink to deep purple). The peach cushion morganite engagement ring is an unusual non-diamond ring that doesn't seem completely untraditional due to its light tone and the tenderness and femininity they exude. Peach morganite, a popular gemstone for jewelry, is said to exude unconditional affection.

3.    Opal Vintage Prong Gold Diamonds

The kaleidoscopic opal is a magical stone, and everyone who has seen one can attest to it. An ever-increasing number of people are opting for opals as the centerpiece stone in their engagement rings instead of the more conventional diamond. Truth be told, opal vintage prong gold diamond engagement rings are not the most practical option because they are fragile and need special care to stay in pristine condition, but the unique rainbow play of the stone is worth it to certain brides.

4.    Rainbow Moonstone Engagement  Ring

The modern era is not the first to recognize the beauty of moonstones. Moonstone predates Western culture. The stone was used in ancient Oriental jewelry. In the eyes of the ancient Greeks and Romans, this mysterious rock was a gift from the moon's goddesses. Labradorescence describes the mystical appearance a rainbow moonstone engagement ring gives off when light flows over its surface. As the light interacts with the stone from various directions, the stone appears to shift hues. Moonstone can look both sophisticated and free-spirited. It's more heavenly, dreamy, and subdued than ostentatious like a diamond might be. Any metal chosen to place a rainbow moonstone engagement ring in will enhance its beauty.

5.    Trillion Cut Morganite

An engagement ring set with a trillion cut morganite is the epitome of romance with its soft pink tones. It's also a lovely option with an appealing style that recalls the splendor of love. It's no surprise that the beautiful pink color of morganite makes it a symbol of love, passion, and peace.

6.    Unique Classic Tiffany Ring

The Tiffany setting is the most well-known of all engagement ring types. Its classic solitaire form is instantly recognizable and has become the de facto standard for bridal jewelry. Because of its undeniable elegance and spectacular shine, it is held in the highest esteem. Famous couples and "regular" folks alike all choose this.

7.    Ascher Cut Square Recycled Sterling Silver

Consider purchasing an Asscher diamond if you're a fan of art deco's timeless elegance. Their sharp corners and square form give them a brilliant sheen. They've been compared to a corridor full of mirrors, but for jewels. If you choose to use an Asscher diamond as your centerpiece, it will be able to be seen from a great distance.

8.    Black Diamond Engagement  Ring

Black diamond engagement rings are perfect for the fashion-forward woman who wants to stand out from the crowd with her unique sense of style due to their opulent, dramatic beauty. Black diamonds make a fantastic centerpiece stone not just because of their unique appearance but also because of the significance they represent. Black diamonds, like white diamonds, are a sign of undying love. However, black diamonds also have their own distinct meaning: they represent fervor and fortitude.

9.    Elegant Garnet Ring

There are several reasons to think about purchasing an elegant garnet ring, not the least of which is the reasonable price. The garnet appears to reflect the deepest shade of red, which has long been connected with love. Some sources even claim that garnets have been worn as jewelry for almost 5,000 years! The gemstone's longevity is a striking demonstration of its capacity to outlive fashions and connect people from different eras and backgrounds. What this means is that it is not likely to go out of style any time soon. This makes it an ideal option for a ring that symbolizes everlasting love, as its beauty will not diminish with time.

10.    Twig And Leaves Textured Diamond Engagement Ring

Twig and leaves textured diamond engagement handmade ring feature a lovely leaf design inspired by nature. You are undoubtedly on the prowl for something unique if you are considering this ring. You can show the world how special you are with this one-of-a-kind ring. This ring is meant to symbolize her love for Earth and for you.


Unique engagement rings that are one-of-a-kind can hold a lot of sentimental value. If you'd rather not use a diamond, you can go for something more daring like a birthstone or an opal.

Create a variety of shapes with your gemstones, such as kites and hearts. Choose a setting that will make your ring sparkle and stand out. Additionally, you have some leeway in terms of ring silhouette and band material. A gem need not be set in a north-south orientation; you may instead set it with the long axis facing east or west. There are many options for non-traditional engagement rings, so you may both feel happy with your choice.

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