Moissanite engagement rings are the latest trend in proposals moving into 2022. There are several reasons these spectacular sparklers are becoming more popular with couples, including their beauty and price. At SuperJeweler, we carry an extensive line of moissanite engagement rings for every budget and taste.

Moissanite Engagement Rings

Moissanite Engagement Rings

The Beauty and Durability of Moissanite

Moissanite stones are incredibly durable, with only diamonds being harder. This means you can wear them every day without worrying about damaging them. They also have incredible sparkle and a high refractive index, meaning they reflect light in a stunning rainbow of colors. If you want an engagement ring with lots of sparkle and fire, moissanite is an excellent choice.

Diamond vs. Moissanite Engagement Rings

While diamonds are still the stone of choice for engagement rings, other gemstones are increasingly being used. With moissanite, you get the classic look of a traditional engagement ring with some added advantages. A moissanite has fewer flaws than a comparably priced diamond for far less money. You will pay between 10-20% of a diamond's price for a moissanite of the same quality. Just think about what you can do with that savings as you embark on married life!

Since only moissanites with no visible flaws are set in jewelry, it's easier to choose the perfect ring. You don't have to worry about whether there are visible flaws. You also don't have to worry about color since the gemstones in moissanite engagement rings are enhanced to ensure they are as white and bright as possible.

Moissanite engagement rings dazzle the eye in a way not even diamonds can match. They reflect all colors of the spectrum, giving them additional fire and brilliance. Particularly if you are looking for a smaller stone, a moissanite will provide you with a more impressive effect than a diamond in terms of reflecting light. If you like a lot of flash, a moissanite is an excellent choice.

Moissanite Engagement Rings are Ethically Sourced

Most moissanites used in jewelry are lab-created. These are genuine gemstones, identical to naturally mined moissanites, but they are created in an ethical environment. You don't have to worry about whether it is a conflict gemstone or whether workers are exploited to get the stone into your hands.

The Latest Styles

You’ll find an incredible array of choices at SuperJeweler when shopping for moissanite engagement rings. As these gorgeous gemstones have become increasingly popular, we’ve responded. Our designers have worked diligently to craft new and stunning styles that appeal to today’s sophisticated couples. From traditional, romantic flourishes to sleek, contemporary styles, you’ll find beauty and affordability.

For those looking for a ring with an heirloom feel, check out our selection of beautifully crafted moissanite engagement rings featuring rich details. Our Claddagh styles give the nod to Celtic and Irish heritage with lovely embellishments on either side of the center stones. If you’re looking for the ultimate in romance, you’ll find styles with intricately etched and beaded bands that are reminiscent of Victorian and Edwardian jewelry. Heart-shaped cut center stones set in rose gold, yellow, or white gold are also romantic options.

If your lady love prefers something sleek and modern, explore options such as a moissanite solitaire on a simple, gold band. Because you’ll be paying far less than you would for a diamond, you can get an impressively large stone sure to elicit envious sighs from friends. Geometric designs and bezel settings also appeal to those who appreciate contemporary jewelry styles.

We also offer lovely moissanite bridal sets set in rose, white, and yellow gold. Many women prefer an engagement ring that interlocks and coordinates with their wedding band, and a bridal set is the answer. Styles at SuperJeweler feature moissanite engagement rings matched to wedding bands set with smaller moissanites or gracefully sculpted precious metals.

Custom Designed Moissanite Engagement Rings

If you haven’t found the perfect ring for your beloved, SuperJeweler’s in-house designer can work with you to create a stunning, one-of-a-kind moissanite engagement ring. We are the premier online jeweler offering one-on-one consultations to craft any customer’s engagement ring vision. Simply reach out by phone or email, and we will contact you to create a moissanite engagement ring she'll wear with pride.

Why Buy Moissanite Engagement Rings from Superjeweler? only carries the finest quality moissanite rings on the market. Because we source our stones separately and set them in-house, you can be sure the moissanite and the setting's quality is superior to anything mass-marketed. We stand behind every moissanite engagement ring with our exceptional guarantee. The limited lifetime warranty covers your fine jewelry against any defects in workmanship for the life of the jewelry. We will replace side gemstones lost at any time during the purchaser's or recipient's lifetime. The center stone will be replaced for up to one year at no charge.

The Moissanite Forever One designation is reserved for the highest quality moissanite stones on the market today. These colorless or near-colorless stones can only be sourced from Charles & Colvard, a leader in the industry. You cannot find a gemstone with more brilliance, sparkle, and fire than a Charles & Colvard moissanite. SuperJeweler is proud to offer a line of moissanite engagement rings featuring these incredible gemstones.

SuperJeweler continually strives to bring the latest jewelry styles to our customers. Moissanite engagement rings are no exception. We search the globe for superior gemstones, retain experienced artisans, and monitor the newest jewelry trends in order to bring you the most outstanding collection of fashionable rings and wedding sets anywhere. If you don't carry it, we will create it for you. When you're ready to propose to that special person in your life, SuperJeweler’s moissanite engagement rings are the gift that expresses your devotion perfectly.

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