The engagement ring is one of the most important pieces of jewelry that any woman gets to wear in her lifetime. It is not just a symbol of affection but over the years this ring has evolved into a piece of classy jewelry that can stand on its own. The trends of engagement rings have gone through many changes over the years and it is safe to say that the tastes and preferences of women regarding their engagement rings have always been evolving. 

Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

Here is a look at some of the potential ring trends that we are likely to see in 2020 and the way that they are going to influence jewelry making practices.  

The Halo Cut

Fashion pundits predict that 2020 will see plenty of brides wear the Halo Cut ring in unique twists that add a personal touch to them. There will be engagement rings featuring a halo design with a nice gemstone on them. While diamonds have been the norm with the halo cut, we may see some other types of gemstones as well.

Thin 1.5mm bands

The Thin 1.5mm band engagement ring is certainly one of those understated rings that one can have. Nevertheless, it does have its own sense of unique charm and can go well with practically all kinds of dresses and looks. The 1.5mm thin bands of engagement rings have been a fashion staple on and off but it is definitely going to make a major comeback in 2020. Numerous variations of this design will be found and they are definitely going to experiment greatly with the size and the cut of the diamond. 

Rose gold 

In 2020, there is going to be a massive demand for metals that stand as an alternative to platinum and white gold. One of the metals that are definitely going to stand out is the rose gold. The lush pale pink color of this metal can seamlessly blend with the classic yellow gold jewelry items. Moreover, the rose pink gold engagement ring can look stunning with all kinds of skin tones. Brides in 2020 may love to sport pure rose gold engagement rings or rings with multiple bands in rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold options. 

Birthstone ring

A lot of women these days prefer to have an engagement ring that is very personal and speaks intimately to them. birthstone  rings are set with individual stones that are associated with specific months in which a woman is born.   

Low profile for the busy working women

Working women often prefer to have more functional usability in their rings rather than preferring to have a ring that stands out solely for their aesthetic value. That being said, they still love their engagement rings to be classy, elegant and beautiful in their own way. The best option for that is definitely the bezel set engagement ring. The bezel setting rings feature a protective metal rim surrounding the center stone. This helps to protect the stone’s fineness and delicate from chips. Additionally, this also makes the ring rather low profile, which means that the upper part of the diamond is not as prominent as with some of the other types of engagement rings. Therefore the diamond is not going to snag on any kind of clothing or glove. The bezel design does not reduce the sparkly effect of the diamond in any way.

Solitaire engagement ring 

One of the most classically beautiful styles of engagement rings is definitely the solitaire style. This type of engagement ring is ideal for you if you are looking to have a ring that really stands out.   

Floral designs 

Rings with floral designs look utterly feminine and they have a strong allure that is hard to miss. Numerous celebrities like Irina Shayk and Lady Gaga have already adopted this style and it is safe to say that it is going to become even trendier in 2020.  

Antique style, retro rings

The antique style rings are known for their classic, retro looks and they have never been really out of fashion. Most women who love to have a touch of allure and mystique prefer to have a wedding ring that somehow reminds people of the olden days.

In 2020, these classic vintage looking engagement rings are going to be hot and trendy once again, with more and more brides preferring to sport them with a great sense of pride

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