The easiest solution to a bad hair day is to wash it but who has the time or the energy to do that every single time? Even though washing our hair is quite simple, it always seems like the better idea to leave it until the next day, because that extra ten minutes in bed is definitely worth it. It may be easy to just run into the nearest drugstore and pick up any bottle of dry shampoo because they all do the same thing, right? Well actually, it is a lot like picking out new makeup or skincare. You need to think about the type of skin you have and in this case what type of scalp you have. Just like skincare there are dry shampoos for oly, dry, sensitive and combination scalps. I have compiled 4 of the best dry shampoos and split them into different categories so you can easily find the one that suits you. 

Sergio Monti / Alamy Stock Photo

Sergio Monti / Alamy Stock Photo

Once you find your perfect dry shampoo, you may wonder what the best way to apply it is as people usually just spray it in and hope for the best. The recommended way to have an effective result is to section the hair layer by layer, spraying each layer as you go until the full head is done. You may look a bit crazy at this point as the spray adds a lot of texture making the hair more likely to have volume. You should then leave this on the hair for 5-10 minutes, without touching it, only after that time has passed you can run a brush or your fingers through. This helps to let the product soak up the excess oil caused by leaving your hair a bit too long between washes. This will also reduce knotting and matting in the hair and leave it looking like you have just stepped out of a salon. 

For Damaged Hair

Dry shampoo may seem the best solution to greasy hair, it easily transforms oily and wet looking hair into refreshed and clean looking hair. However this can be damaging for your hair health and leave it feeling dry and dull looking- not to mention how itchy it can become if not washed out the next day. If your hair already has some damage then Virtue Refresh Shampoo is something you need to help not only make your hair look clean but it also repairs and strengthens strands and promotes a healthy scalp. As it is free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates and dyes there are no harsh chemicals that can disrupt the scalp and cause any damage. Furthermore, the ingredients such as Alpha Keratin protein help to smooth repair and add shine to the hair. 

For Dull Hair

If you have a constant battle with your dull hair, and feel as if there is no amount of product that could make your hair shine on its off days then you need to Oribe’s Gold Lust Dry Shampoo. It does have a high price tag however like any good product it is worth the investment as it will change your hair game for good. This product is good for one-day old hair as it helps to add texture, shine and volume. It's a bit of a 3 in 1 action shampoo. However if you are looking for something to combat the build up of oil then something more heavy duty may be better suited for you. With an ingredient list filled with watermelon, lychee, keratin and edelweiss flower extract, it works to restore strength from root to tip.

For Thin Hair 

If you have fine, limp and lifeless hair then it can be hard to keep any volume and texture locked in and over the course of the day it may need to be topped up constantly. Its formula contains tapioca starch to absorb oil and leave hair lighter and cleaner for longer. It has a low price tag meaning you can use as much as you like without worrying the next bottle will cost you an arm and a leg. Transform dull, limp hair and create voluminous effects for big and bouncy, manageable locks.

For Hair That Needs a Freshen Up

When leave your hair longer than a day, the strands can start to smell a bit musty however there is a dry shampoo to fix that problem called Lazy Girl and if there is just one reason to buy this dry shampoo- it's the name. This shampoo has an ultra light powder mist to soak up excess oils, it adds texture, volume and body to the hair helping it to hold styles better. Sam McKnight the creator suggests spraying a small amount on to a brush for fringes especially after you have put makeup on as it gives a lighter effect. It also has a fragrance of flowers and pepper, sitting against cedar, frankincense and juniper wood creating a beautiful scent that lasts all day long.