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The amount of perfumes on the market can be overwhelming and it can be increasingly difficult to find the right scent for you. Not to mention the prices of some of the most sought after bottles can leave your head in a spin. Everyone has the one perfume that is their staple, their fallback, their go to but as we head into Spring it's time to broaden horizons and find another scent that could be the new everyday choice. With the amount of perfumes out there, there is probably enough for a new scent every day for the rest of time.  I have gathered 6 of the most popular scents this year ranging from affordable to luxury brands so there is something for everyone. 

Image credit: Unsplash

Image credit: Unsplash

Yves Saint Laurent Limited Edition Libre Eau De Parfum 

If I could fill my dressing table with only one brand of perfume it would be Yves Saint Laurent, they create the perfect scent every time, with hints of lavender, Moroccan orange blossom and musk it creates a combination which oozes luxury. If you love the sound of the scent then the bottle is going to make you fall in love, it is a beautiful black and gold bottle with the iconic YSL logo on the side, it looks as if there are gold flakes swimming in the bottle, imagine how good that will look on your vanity. You can find this at John Lewis for £44 for 30ml and £150 for 100ml, an investment definitely worth making. 

Ralph Lauren Mini Romance Set

If you are not ready to commit and buy a full sized bottle of perfume this mini perfume set is the perfect alternative as it comes with two different bottles of perfume so you can mix and match your scent every day. As the bottles are miniature it is perfect for on the go top ups of your scent it is also perfect for travelling abroad as it can be brought on with your hand luggage. The two perfumes have notes of soft floral rose intertwined with notes of violet, jasmine and musk that creates a delicate and light scent which is perfect for everyday. You can find this at The Perfume Shop starting at £25.

Jo Malone London Starlit - Mandarin and Honey 

If you have heard of Jo Malone it is probably more for the candles, they have some heavenly scents rolled into wax so who could be better to create perfumes and body sprays. As the name suggests it is an extremely sweet and rich fragrance, with notes of mandarin orange, honey and tonka bean wrapped in powdery warmth of coumarin which helps to balance the scent and not leave an overpowering and sickly feel. Find this scent at the Jo Malone store starting at £89 for 100ml.

Tom Ford Ombre Leather

If you love a dark and mysterious vibe whilst also smelling like a dream then this mix of opposite flavours is just right. The harsh and dark notes of leather combine with the floral additions of violet and jasmine to create an intoxicating and forward scent that would be perfect for the days where you need an extra boost of confidence.It also has notes of amber and moss which mimic the heart of rock and sand grounding the scent. It is extremely long lasting so there is no need to spray too much. 1-2 spritz is enough to fill the room. You can enjoy this captivating scent from The Perfume Shop starting at £94 for 50ml to £130 for 100ml, it is the best splurge you may make. 

Mulger Cologne Angel Nova 

If you love a fruity and fresh smell then this may be the perfume for you. With notes of raspberry to bring a sweetness and rose and akigalawood to balance out the strong fruity fragrance and helps to bring out your long lasting power and confidence it is the perfect mix of sweet and mellow scents. The bottle is screaming to be put on display as it comes in a hot pink colour in the shape of a star, with a silver dispenser which only adds to its star power. You can treat yourself to this in Boots starting at £45.90 for 30ml and £80 for 100ml, as it is such a strong fragrance you only need a small amount, think of this as an investment.

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Zara Gardenia

Do not sleep on Zara perfumes, these may be the best dupes for the high end brands. They are long lasting and use some of the best scents to create a heavenly smell. If you are a fan of Yves Saint Laurent perfumes particularly ‘Black Opium’ which has been all over social media, it is a sensual scent which is perfect for date nights and night out on the town. If spending over £100 on a perfume is out of your budget then Zara has got you. Gardenia is the closest match to ‘Black Opium’ without the designer price tag, for just £14.99 you can bag yourself 100ml of bliss and have people question who and what you are wearing. The scent has notes of orange blossom and coffee creating a rich and indulgent scent that will last all night long.

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