By @FionnualaMcNult

I’m sure that at some point everyone you know has suffered with some form of acne, whether it is mild or cystic, everyone has had a pimple or two. With the requirement to wear masks in shops or even at work maskne is on the rise, this acne targets the cheek and chin areas as breath is trapped under the mask creating moisture and increasing the bacteria on your skin. It is important to take breaks from wearing your mask when you can and change them regularly to make sure your skin is getting a rest. A good skin routine is pertinent to ensure flawless skin and depending on skin type and acne type I have gathered 6 of the best cleansers to add into your routine. Cleansers help to rid your skin of excess makeup, dirt, oil and sweat that may not be cleaned off by just washing your face. 

Image credit: Unsplash

Image credit: Unsplash

1. Normaderm phytosolution purifying gel 

If you suffer like so many with acne and feel like you have tried everything in the book but nothing seems to work then try and add this cleanser into your routine. With plant based ingredients this product strips the skin of all the dirt and oil that can build up on the skin throughout the day. It even targets any pollutant particles that have been collected and leaves skin feeling fresh and clean without that tight and dry feeling some cleansers can leave. A lot of acne targeting cleansers can have drying ingredients that can in time damage the skin. Use twice a day, apply 1-3 pumps of the product and lather into the skin make sure to rinse throughly and follow with a moisturiser. 

2. Ole Henriksen Find you balance oil control gel

If you feel you need the ultimate cleanse then this cleanser is the one for you. With some heavyweight hydroxy acids this cleanser will leave you feeling fresh as any dirt or oil stands no chance when put in the ring with this one. Ingredients such as glycolic acid and lactic acid work to clean deep into the skin and remove any oil and dead skin that maybe causing acne and dullness. It also has the added bonus of controlling the amount of sebum created throughout the day resulting in more matted skin and reduction in the appearance of spots after continued use. It has an exfoliating effect so it leaves the skin feeling smooth and refreshed ready for the day ahead. Use once a day to either start your day or to finish your day feeling brand new. 

3. CeraVe fining facial cleanser 

If you look at Instagram, Twitter or TikTok then you will be highly aware of this brand. CeraVe has been recommend by doctors and dermatologists everywhere and is growing increasingly more popular on social media. The review of this product are 5 star with customers commenting how their skin felt fresher, smoother and they saw a reduction in spots. A bonus of this product is it is not just for the face you can use it on the body to feel cleaner all over. It gently sweeps away oil and dirt leaving behind a smooth surface and gleaming skin. 

4. Murad clarifying cleanser

If there’s one ingredient you need to be on the look out for it is salicylic acid, this magical ingredient targets spots and dries them out leaving you with soft and spot free skin. This cleanser has this special ingredient in and unclogs the pores to reduce the reoccurrence of spots and blackheads, it helps to leave skin looking soft, glowing and healthier from the first use. If you have any large spots that you think will never go this cleanser will prove you wrong, the foaming liquid is gentle enough to not cause any damage but strong enough to delve deep into the skin and clear out any unwanted oil. Use this twice a day for refreshed and healthy skin. 

5. Caudalíe Vinopure purifying gel cleanser

If you have spots and combination skin it can be hard to find products which suit the skin as sometimes using the wrong product can dry out combination skin or add excess oil. Combination skin is a tricky one to treat as some spots of the skin are over run with oil and other parts are flaky and dry however this cleanser strikes a nice balance between hydration and reduction of oil on the skin. This has an immediate clearing effect with reviews noting how it has that tingly feeling, making customers feel as if it has penetrated the skin and done a deep clean. It also controls the grease that is produced throughout the day and helps to reduce the appearance of spots. Use twice a day to help the effectiveness of the product.  

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6. Mario Badescu acne facial cleanser 

If you are a beauty guru and have religiously watched YouTube makeup artists for years then you will have heard the name Mario Badescu, he is famously known for his facial stay which had rose and aloe Vera in, t a few spritzes on the face before makeup gave a glow before any highlighter was added. This was a very popular brand and it has only grown with success. He has released this acne facial cleanser, with that magical ingredient salicylic acid and calming notes of aloe Vera, chamomile and herbs it helps to target spots but also soothe the skin leaving it soft and hydrated. Reviews have praised the product for the results it left skin with acne visibly reduced and helped to prevent the reoccurrence of blemishes. Ensure it is used twice a day for the most effective results.