Welcome to part two of the capsule wardrobe series. Last week was all about getting yourself ready to start filling up that now empty wardrobe with timeless pieces fit for a queen. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

This week’s focus is on the different style bottoms needed to kickstart your collection. From jeans to skirts to leggings it can be hard to know which you want and which you actually need. Well have no fear I’ve narrowed it down to 7 staple pieces, which can be glammed up or toned down to fit your style. 

Mom Jeans 

I have always been told ‘mother knows best’ so keep your mum happy by adding these to your collection. Unlike the usual skinny fit jeans, mom jeans have a looser fit which gives a comfort feel that is great for running errands or shopping days. 

The perfect fit should be loose from your thigh all the way to your ankle but figure hugging around your hips. I would also stick with the classic blue denim or a slightly lighter blue colour. 

To style mom jeans I like to pair them with white chunky trainers, a neutral body suit and a puffer jacket to give a casual feel. You can also match the jeans with strappy heels, a blazer and gold jewellery for that night out that started as just one drink. 

Skinny Jeans 

Any good wardrobe has to include a pair of skinny jeans; these are the perfect wardrobe staple for any occasion. It can be hard to find the right pair as they are stocked in every shop and come in many different colours but don’t worry my lovely readers I have some excellent recommendations for you. 

The perfect fit should ensure that everything is in the right place and highlights your features, making you want to strut down the street in confidence. I would recommend grabbing a black pair and a blue pair whether or not you like your jeans to have rips is up to you. 

To style I would pair with a black turtleneck, a neutral coloured blazer or long coat and a pair of chunky boots for that daytime winter look. You can also add heels, a statement top/bodysuit and a small shoulder bag for a late night party look. 

Leather Trousers/Leggings

Leather is all the rage this season and it comes in many different forms from tops to bags to shirts. So it is paramount to incorporate some leather into your wardrobe without going over the top. Depending on your style there are 2 options for leather bottoms; straight leg trousers which can be slightly looser or leggings which will be skin tight. 

The perfect fit for leather leggings should be comfortably tight with no bagging and it should look as smooth as possible. For straight leg leather trousers this should be a looser fit around the legs and tighter around the hips. I would recommend sticking with black leather for now and adding some neutral colours as you build on your collection. 

To style I would match the leggings with some chunky boots, a white oversized shirt and a long coat for a smart casual look. I would style the leather trousers with a white blouse or bodysuit and a pair of loafers. 

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Denim Shorts 

Now I know you’re thinking why are we talking about shorts when we’re in November? But they are still essential to a capsule wardrobe and believe it or not they can be styled all year round. 

The perfect fit denim shorts are long enough so that they don’t expose you and are comfortably tight. It depends on your style if you want to choose a mom fit denim short which will be looser or stick with the classics. I would recommend either black or blue denim. 

To style the shorts in the winter I would pair with calf length boots, an oversized jumper and a long coat for a warmer winter day. 

Long Pencil Skirt 

Whether it’s work or play, a long skirt can elevate your outfit to the next level. 

The perfect fit should be skin tight and high waisted to show off your curves. A midi or maxi length is a great addition to your wardrobe, I would recommend sticking to black or neutral colours so it can be paired easily. 

To style add a turtleneck, trainers and a leather jacket for a cool daytime look. Match with a bodysuit, strappy heels and sparkly accessories for a glamorous night time outfit. 

Jogging bottoms 

Saving the best for last, jogging bottoms are a mixture of comfort and style. They are perfect for those lazy sundays around the house but styled right and you can be looking like a fashion icon whilst doing your weekly shop. 

The perfect fit depends on your own style as there are fitted joggers and oversized joggers. Either pair is an essential for your wardrobe and can be dressed up or down. 

To style match with a pair of chunky trainers, an oversized jumper, gold jewellery and a cross body bag for a casual look. To dress up a pair of joggers style with a bodysuit and heeled boots to give an edgy look. 

Ready. Set. Shop. 

For all the pieces mentioned I would recommend visiting ASOS, PLT, Missguided, TopShop, And Other Stories, Because of Alice and Jluxlabel. 

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We’ve all been there, you’re getting ready to go out but you’re caught in the dilemma of what to wear. Wardrobe doors flung open and all those hangers draped with the same old clothes you see everyday- it’s hard to know what to choose. Well, I am here to help. I am going to introduce a series all about the Capsule Wardrobe. I’ll be giving you tips and tricks on how to gather your own collection of timeless pieces which can be styled differently to create brand new outfits and fit any season. Take the plunge, your wardrobe will thank you later... to read more click HERE 

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