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It’s 9am and you have just sat down at your desk. Your blouse is already digging into your bingo wings and the shapewear you wriggled into this morning has rolled down over your muffin top. Whoever decided to make pencil skirts, court shoes and blazers the epitome of professionalism clearly did not understand women.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

It’s work from home season ladies, and time to shed that corporate skin. Yes, that also includes binning the identical nude bras plaguing your underwear drawer. Let’s make workwear comfortable, chic and even a little sexy. Scandalous, I know.

First up, all things soft and stretchy

The beauty of Zoom meetings is that no one can see your bottom half. Say goodbye to those high-waisted chinos, and hello to colourful joggers.

Before the pandemic, most of our loungewear collections included a stained t-shirt and stretched black leggings with a few holes in the crotch. If you want to make your new work wardrobe chic, it’s time to invest in some key comfort pieces. Think wide-leg cashmere trousers, knitted hoodies and the perfect t-shirt. Chic doesn’t have to be super pricey either…

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Next up – refresh that underwear drawer

We all love to wear to wear the same nude bra every day, even though the wire is half hanging out and the back strap has one too many holes. Don’t even get me started on those granny pants you have been wearing for years. Practical and comfy is a motto every woman should live by when it comes to underwear.

Nothing will ruin a cute outfit quicker than a VPL. But that doesn’t mean you should be fetching underwear out of your arse crack 24/7… A good quality thong is the only thong for you.

Next, bin those uncomfortable bras and invest in a soft bralette or professionally measured wired bra. A correctly fitting bra can give you a boob lift in seconds. Genius.

It doesn’t hurt to add a bit of lace and colour to your lingerie either. I am a firm believer that a sexy lingerie set can give you an edge in any business situation. It’s the secret to every boss woman.

Finally, skincare

You have your cashmere co-ord and sexy lingerie on, now what? Hair and make-up? I think not. That said, if putting on your face makes you feel good in the morning then go ahead. However, personally, I like my face to be just as comfortable as the rest of my body.

Swap out your foundation, mascara, concealer and blush for skincare! A proper skincare routine can transform your life. Nothing says “she’s got it together” more than glowing, lush skin.

There are three essentials to every skincare routine: cleanser, treatment and moisturiser. 

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