One of the most satisfying things I find myself doing more than once a month is organising my makeup collection. That may sound like I don’t have much of a life or I have a lot of time on my hands however seeing everything properly ordered and categorised is like a present from me to me. Especially with the past year of lockdown I have gotten into the routine of keeping my collection in order and making sure I have easy access to my daily products from skin care and primers, to foundations and eyeshadows. If you have a small or a large collection of makeup then follow these 3 easy steps to the perfectly decluttered and organised makeup system of all time. 

Photo credit: Unsplash

Photo credit: Unsplash

Step 1 - Out with the old

As with any good clear out it is time to get rid of any old, out of date or just unused products. Yes, we all have an eyeshadow palette from 4 years ago that could come in handy but if you have not touched it for that long then it is time to part with it! Sticking to the ‘I might use this one day’ mentality is a recipe for disaster and is the main reason for clutter. If you have any makeup that is in date, sealed or lightly used you can donate them to non profit organisations such as ‘Project Beauty Share’ which send makeup and beauty products to women and families overcoming abuse, addiction, homelessness and poverty to help restore their dignity and get their lives back on track. By sorting through your makeup you could be helping women who cannot afford luxury beauty and makeup products, I cannot think of a better reason to start. 

As for those products that may look or smell funny then unfortunately they need to be shown the door. Any makeup or skincare you have that may have turned a different colour, gained a new texture or just all over does not look right then it is time to throw them away. This is a very important thing to notice if you are considering donating to ‘Project Beauty Share’ as they will not be accepting products that are out of date. If you look at the bottom of most makeup products there is usually a picture of a jar with a number inside that tells you the length of time the product is in date. However if some products do not have this then anything that is going to be put on your eyes should be tossed after 6 months, any facial products that are 12 months out of date should be put in the bin, some powder products can be stretched to 18 months however I would not suggest using any products which are 12 months or more out of date. 

Step 2 - The deep clean

So, you have sorted through all your makeup and skin care, hopefully you have a relatively smaller collection and may have even found some old treasures that are still in date. Now it is time for a big clean and more importantly time to disinfect any and all products, containers and drawers you may be putting your stash back into. I think the whole world is well versed on disinfectants, sanitisers and anti-bac wipes after the pandemic so this part should be a piece of cake. There is a lot of bacteria on makeup tools, products and containers as they are picked up by your hands every day and put on to your skin. 

Your makeup brushes and sponges hold the most bacteria. It is important to get a good brush cleaner or if that is out of your price range hot water and soap never fails to expel any germs. Invest in a rubber brush cleaning mat as this will make the whole process easier, wash the brushes until the water runs clear and leave to air dry on a clean surface ready for the next day. 

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Step 3 - Get a system in place

This part is completely up to you, there are so many ways you can organise your collection, from colours to brands to what they do, the list is endless and the products available to organise them can be overwhelming. Throughout your process of thought there are 3 rules you should always remember to keep your collection damage free and hygienic. Keep all of your makeup out of direct sunlight, this means no makeup in front of the window as that can change the texture and effect of the products and that £40 foundation could be worthless.

The bathroom is a no go for your products especially your brushes, the humid and steamy heat can speed up the process of bacteria developing making the condition of your skin worse. Keep the lids of your products tightly sealed to prevent spilling and leaks, but also to prevent any bad air or moisture seeping into your products. If you stick to these 3 rules the only challenge you will have is which way to order your collection. If you need any inspiration check out Instagram and use hashtags such as #makeuporganisation for lots of organisation hacks, tips and tricks.