If you're unsure what to buy in the footwear department- here are just a few reasons you might want to lean towards a pair of Espadrilles. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Espadrilles are the perfect in between season footwear.

There’s nothing worse than that in between season feeling. Wear a jumper in the morning, too hot in the afternoon. Wear a dress in the morning, rain for the rest of the day! Nobody likes wet feet; espadrilles are the perfect alternative to sandals or flip flops. Havaianas espadrilles are water resistant so your feet can stay dry in the most changeable of British weather! They also have a rubber sole to stop you slipping around when those unpredictable showers do catch you out.

They’re Comfy

Even worse than wet feet? Sore feet! Comfort is often key and these Havaianas Espadrilles are definitely that. With the authentic Havaianas rubber soles which make their flip flops so famous, combined with the traditional design of this typically Mediterranean fabric footwear espadrilles are perfect for walking around on holiday, day to day or walking to the office

They go with everything!

From the city to the office espadrilles can be worn with pretty much anything. The Havaianas espadrilles collection come in a range of styles and colours so you can go from day to night in comfort and style. The Orginie Slim These espadrilles have a narrower toecap and ribbons which lace around the ankle, making your feet look as dainty as that of a ballerina. Or if that’s not your style then you can go for the Orginie III which are unisex and come in a range of styles and patterns to suit every taste.

They’re lightweight

Espadrilles are pretty much a suitcase essential for any holiday! Comfy so you can sightsee for hours and hours but also light weight. Not only this but espadrilles are ideal for the beach too, they won’t flick sand up your legs like flip flops do! They are also a perfect alternative to bulky trainers so you have more room to fill your suit case with clothes, make up or skincare whatever suits you!

Paradise is where you make it, and walking through it with a pair of Havaianas  flip flops on makes it even better. Without giving up on supreme comfort, with which Havaianas were created, the models have evolved and adapted to the tastes and circumstances of each individual, from travellers, sportswomen, celebrities, models and more. By doing that, the Havaianas collections prove that comfort does not have to compete with design and that there is a perfect flip flop for each occasion and for every look. Be inspired and create your own summer outfits using the classic  flip flops or the slim models which go so well with a bikini on the beach or with a pair of jeans and basic T-shirt. Treat yourself to the exclusive collection of Havaianas flip flops, with elegant and sophisticated designs for those special occasions. Protect your feet from the heat in Havaianas colourful espadrilles or wearing a new pair of sling-back sandals in metallic tones.