As fashions change and new trends emerge, it is easy to be swayed into hitting the high street and spending a fortune on the latest looks. There are, however, more reasons than ever to buy from charity stores such as Barnardo’s. In fact, celebrity designer Henry Holland has even joined forces with Barnardo’s to create a seasonal trend guide to encourage people to welcome pre-loved items into their wardrobes. What better validation do we need?

You can get your next outfit at a snip of the price

You can get your next outfit at a snip of the price

So, why should you buy pre-loved clothes?

It’s affordable

Buying second-hand clothes can be much kinder to your wallet as all of the items are sold for a lot less than their original asking price. This often means you can get a whole new outfit for just a few pounds – including your accessories!

Hidden, one-off treasures

As pre-loved clothes are unique to every shop, you never know what you might find. When you go to a high street or designer store everything is laid out in multiples by style and size. Sizes and styles may be a little jumbled in a charity shop but don’t be put off as you can create your own ‘one of a kind’ look and avoid that sinking feeling of turning up in the same outfit as your mate! Enjoy the thrill of hunting down those unique treasures that make you stand out.

Practical and seasonal

Items in charity shops are rotated by the season so expect to see woolly jumpers in winter and shorts in the summer, making it easier to find what you really need, when you need it and at a thrifty price you can afford.

Trendy buys

If you fancied a particular style last year, your luck could be in – fast fashion means people frequently clear out their wardrobes to accommodate new trends so it is likely you will find recent looks on the racks. That skirt or style you lusted after last year could be yours for a snip of the price!

High quality goods

Get rid of the preconception that charity shop means ‘rubbish’ - you can expect to find good quality items in store! Everything is clean and undamaged and, as it has already been ‘road-tested’ you can be confident the item will last! A quick turnaround of donations and seasonal styles means you don’t have to compromise on the latest trends either – there is always something in-fashion.

Designer fashion for less

Pre-loved shopping doesn’t mean succumbing to shapeless cardigans. There are plenty of designer items to be found in stores, from suits to dresses, tops to denim and the most amazing accessories as well as branded high street gems.

Use your imagination

Try on quirky items or find something to customise into a one-of-a-kind piece. Dye it, change buttons, add some lace… let your imagination run wild and if it doesn’t quite go to plan, well, you’ve not ruined an expensive new outfit.

Help to save the planet

As well as being expensive, buying new clothes can be harmful for the environment – it can mean clothes are thrown away and clog up landfill sites. But by buying pre-loved you can help to combat that. Reusing something rather than buying it new is much more environmentally friendly.

There’s always something new

Pre-loved items sell quickly so don’t wait too long if you have your eye on that perfect dress in your size – it’s unlikely it will be there next time! But this means there is always something different every time you visit, unlike normal stores where items and styles tend to linger.

Do your bit for charity

Buying pre-loved clothing from a store like Barnardo’s is not only better for your wallet and the environment but helps to transform the lives of the thousands of vulnerable children, young people, parents and carers Barnardo’s supports each year. 100% of the profits from every item helps the charity to continue its vital work.  

Need some inspiration? Henry Holland, who is Barnardo’s new retail ambassador, has teamed up with Barnardo’s Retail to launch their autumn/winter trend guide, showing how easy it is to create on-trend items on a thrifty budget.

Henry said: “Fashion is what we make it. It’s an opportunity to express who we are and to tell our own unique stories through the clothes we wear. 

“Style and quality don’t have to come at a cost. It’s all about getting creative and finding something that works for you, which is what I love about charity shops. 

“The autumn/winter edition of ‘One of a Kind’ shows you just how easily this can be achieved by incorporating pre-loved items into your wardrobe from your local Barnardo’s store.” 

“One of a Kind” is now available from Barnardo’s shops near you or to download an electronic version, visit

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